Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the trip to geneva

corny isnt it? i mean d fact dat it ws a week ago n i made it sound as if its some 'bsuka-ria holiday' trip, whn in truth its far frm it, bt more of a work / business trip. =)

neway, im gonna yack abt my geneva trip. ya, go on n yawn! its boring. bt s much s i hate d fact dat i had 2work whn i ws thr, bt im glad dat i hd d chance 2step my foot in anothr country without hvg 2pay 4it. ehehe! so, as @now, d continent ive never been to is d one across d pacific ocean (considering dat d nx meeting in 2011 is go'g 2b in mexico, lets make a wish! *hint! hint!) n africa.. hmm.. eh.. apa da?? berangan byk sgt!

ok, it ws n 8days trip including trvlg time. basically it ws an all day meeting 4 4days straight. we (around 30of us) arrived on monday morning n hd a chance 4a city tour aftr we checked in 2 our hotel. its geneva, not much 2c though. d famous Jet d' Eau wsnt workg (yep, they'l close it whn temperature's below 2deg), n d flower clock ws rite @d road side. othr than d spooky (but gorgeous) building structures, d only consolation is d fact dat i got 2go n see d one plc ive longed 2work @, d UN's building..

overjoyed me 2hv finally reached here. i wish my ofc is inside d building, somewhr.. i dont even mind if its a small cubicle.. *sigh!

overlookg lake (more d size of n ocean) geneva

then, days after dat ws spent coming in n out of meetings! no more fun! bt gud thg abt it ws dat i got 2meet those ppl who ive been contactg with bt hv never met in person b4. since i do all d liaising, i ws glad 2finally got a chance 2meet d real person ive been talkg on d phone with n emailing 4some gud laugh with.. n @times i do felt some weird feeling of b'g rejected by some stoopyd ppl who judge u 4b'g Asian n Muslim specifically. i thought such Asian / Muslim discrimination ws jz a misconception. since im wear'g head scarf, n our grp r somewht 'colored' ppl, we did experience minor 'mistreatment' @d airport during custom checks n i also felt some discomforting feeling of b'g ignored by a few ppl who i also had a chance 2liaise with b4 (in frenly manner), only they turned out 'cold' in person. so uncanny!

work mode.. got dat complimentary conference bag

posing 4d camera..

switzerland is famous 4 their watches, cuckoo clock, swiss knife n non other than, choc! during 1 of those days, we got a chance 2go n visit a choc factory nearby our hotel. whn we reached thr, we thought they were lying. i mean, it ws more of a cafe, doesnt look like a factory literally.. we almost left d cafe whn some1 invited us 2d back of d cafe n it reli ws a choc factory.. not d willy-wonka-like choc factory though.. it ws only a small one, bt 4some1 who dont like choc, yours truly ws a bit too happy 2go in! clad in an outrageous look'g outfit they gave us 4'protection', it finally made sense 2us dat d plastic poncho-like gear ws 4those who went extra excited tasting d chocs dat they didnt realize it ws dripping 2 their shirt!

i, myself couldnt believe dat i looked dis happy 4some1 who dont like choc.. d cup im holdg ws a creamy liquid choc dat some ppl without realizing smeared their factory gear with while tasting it.. hillarious adult behaviour

some choc designs, with Ita

i ws suppose 2accompany my boss 2a meeting on saturday. we tried to get a late evening flight, (saturday) bt thr ws no business class seat available (definitely NOT for me). so we cld only get a flight 2 kl on sunday. d rest of d group went back on saturday morning itself. by then, i ws alredi miss'g home (read : soulmate. ehehe! benornye, ms nk boarding lg dh rindu!) whn we found out on friday tht d saturday morning meeting ws 2b held aftr d friday event, rasa nk hentak2 kaki je.. nk tukar flight mmg tak dpt la. dh mmg ada event pn kt geneva, flight out mmg full saje. nk msuk waiting list pn tak le. bilik pn dh byr utk sbtu mlm, nk tak nak.,tetap le kena stay smp ahad. jd nye, apakah aktiviti yg patut? ye betul!! bersuka ria mcm holiday le! wht's good is dat, bile dok kt hotel in geneva, kite dpt a pass yg entitle kite utk free usage of public transport in d city.

since using public transport is so very convenient kt geneva, sgt le sesuai nk bjln! kalo la kt msia ni pub transport tip top cm kt situ, confirm la traffic jem tu tak de dlm kamus hidup rkyat msia! its a living proof weh! kt busstop dorg siap ada screen, kite ble tau lg brp minit bas nk smp. ye la, mcm kt komuter station kite, tp biasanye, kt komuter station kite tu dh set cmtu, konon lg 2minit komuter smp, siap blinking lg, tp komuter nye tak nmpk bayang pn.. kt geneva, mcm ada link lak bas ngn screen bus stop. its as if mcm dorg ada device yg ble detect whr's d bus n @wht time they r reachng n it reli is on time! i tried d train juga. frm airport 2 geneva city then jln kaki blk hotel. it ws early winter, bjalan is advisable.. bpeluh pn tak sempat. kt msia pns terik, mati hidup smula org xnk jln kaki! lain la kt kem herba, byk pokok, tepi sungai, nyaman.. (ececeh! promote kem in-law lak!) in fact, org nk g airport, naik bas n naik train pn mmg sgt2 convenient. its only like 10-15mins away frm city centre. airport kite nun kt hujung dunia. kire kalo tourist smp KLia dorg msti tertipu sbb ingt dorg dh smp KL. pdhal, KL jauh lg.. ehehehe!

sesi bjln-jln dan cuba shop'g wlupn tak bkmmpuan.. euro tu babe.. CHF pn lbh kurg rate USD gak..

ni dpn train station

jln2 lg..

dlm bus yg begitu punctual..

ini le isi paperbag oren dlm gmbr di atas.. ehehehe!

so, sunday pg2 msih smpat bjln2. ingt nk gi sight-seeing, tp dr pg hujan tak bhenti.. owh ye, btw, ms kitorang dtg, d 2nd day tu, sunshine all d way.. bila nk blk, hujan tak henti.. c? hw we bring sunshine 2 geneva smp nk blk bumi geneva tu mandi hujan? chet! perasan tak hengat! flight pn pkul 5.30 ptg ke amsterdam. smp amsterdam, cr magnet fridge lg. my boss asik comment ckp i mbazir beli magnet. tp sbnrnye, mmg i nk kumpul fridge magnet. g mana2 i'l search for it. n mesti nk magnet yg ada tulis nama tpt tu.. mcm 'amsterdam' ke or such. yg gmbr2 or yg jenis lain suma tak minat sgt. jd nye, peti ais kt umah telah ada collection utk tpt2 yg pegi thn ni, dr ms honeymoon, smp le latest g geneva. akhrnye, isnin ptg smp airport, soulmate tlh bawa g mkn kt ikea krn dia tau situ tpt fav dan saya sudah merindui mknn sebenar dek kerana tpaksa mkn maggi spnjg di geneva memandangkan nk cr mknn halal (atau murah) adalah satu cbrn di geneva.. jd dpt la saya mkn shrimp salad dgn hati gumbira! pandai soulmate tersayang! soulmate saya ni mmg star! bukan main2, tp mmg dia yg terbaek! esok nye tu telah amik cuti ganti krn penat, dan bila masuk ofc, sungguh tak best keja menimbun! bummer! sekian, terima kasih..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

the wheel of fortune?

wow! i seriusly am very much neglecting dis arena of blog-g. not dat i dont wanna rite, i jz hv 2hv ample time 2blog. neway.. ive been a bee dis past few weeks (shall i say month?), since after raya 2b exact.

i initially didnt realize dat i ws on d perimeter of endless workloads until i checked my calendar 2book my flight 2singapore 4a meeting. of course i knw dat i ws suppose 2go 2singapore b4 raya, only then i didnt realize dat it ws so soon aftr my raya break. n thr ws a dinner event i hd 2organise 4a regional committee dat ws hvg a meetg here in KL, since it ws somewht n international (regional) event, d minister obviously hv 2make an appearance. it ws hectic, cnsiderg i dont hv a staff undr me, i hd 2manage on my own. hence, i went 2singapore a week b4 d dinner, bt wishg dat i ws back @d ofc 2sort all d invitations, n mentally do'g all d check lists. nerve wrecking! it went thru smoothly bt i wish dat i had time 2breathe. d same week i ws scheduled 2go 2singapore, my sis in-law, k. Busrah ws admitted 2hosp 4 an operation. i ws hoping dat i cld visit her more than once, bt freak'g workloads didnt permit me 2even go back on time. hated it!

somewhr along d way, i alwiz said dat whn all d bosses hv gone 2 geneva, i'll hv time 4myself. cnsiderg dat i hd 2work even on weekends, i ws somewht lookg 4wd 2november whn d geneva event starts. bt a few days aftr d dinner event, i ws strucked numb whn i ws told dat i hv 2also go 2geneva. dpt g singapore company hntr pn dh ckup bgus. bt geneva? walauwei!! dat ws very last minute cz d arrangements 4 it ws done since end of september. altho i alwiz joked w d bosses abt me go'g with them, bt whn it ws final, i ws a bit apprehensive. n 2leave soulmate 4 8days seems somewht unnatural 4me. i ws not worried abt him, he is sure 2manage on hs own; it ws more myself dat i ws worried of! ngeeehee! (yes, yes, i cried ms dh dkt2 nk gi tu.. soulmate relax je tp.. hmpeh.. tak sensitif btol.. suka kot soulmate?) n since i ws informed only a week b4 d event, it ws a bit stressful, i didnt hv much time 2prepare 4myself. i hd filings 4 d bosses, their schedules 2prepare n sort everythg while i had 2leave own preparation @d last painful minutes!

nw, me go'g 2europe is definitely a far-fetched idea. i cld only wished it bt i didnt realize dat it cld reli come true. of course i alwiz scretly dream of go'g 2OT. bt elsewhr? hmm.. in my dreams! (eh, brp byk dreams da?). yups, some of u dont even hv 2dream of it. pero, para mi? hello? psg angan2 pn dh ckup bagus dh.. d fact dat i didnt like abt d trip ws d enduring journey. haih! kematu le dok dlm flite! we hd 2transit in amsterdam, took us (thr were arnd than 30 of us) more thn 11hours 2 reach thr. aduyai.. smpi hbs batt main psp, tido bgn blk, bc buku crite, ulg alik toilet, pn tak smpi2! i think i've 2post anthr topic on d geneva trip alone. so much 2tell! n i hv pending works waiting 4me.. neway, wht i ws tryg 2tell is d fact dat its ws a very wierd experience. it is expected of me 2 travel cnsiderg its undr my job spec, bt it hs been a vague idea all along cz it neva hpend b4. time blom kawen, takde pn. n i ws alwiz cmplaining ms tu cz i felt wht do my company need n i'nat'l liaison exec 4, if i dont evn get 2trvel, only arrange ppl 2go overseas? i even wrote 2my boss, in my evaluation form, a suggestion 2send me 2i'nt'l meetings. whn it reli hpen, it truly dawn on me dat its real. rezeki dh kawen kot? tp pelik ttp pelik. tu la, careful wht u wish 4, u might jz get it. time dh kawen, nk g memana pn berat hati. sib baik la soulmate ku baik hati mberi keizinan+memahami bini nye prlu travel. k, dh ckup lama curi tulang.. nnt nk upload gmbr kt geneva.. it ws early winter.. so i get 2 make use of my long john n mafella yg dh berabuk psl dh lama tak guna.. ehehe.. soon, i'll post d pics. cant promise its sooner then later..

Friday, October 16, 2009

the ramblings

keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja.. keja banyak.. banyak keja..

dat sums up my official status 4d time being.. i reli wish 2update my blog.. but im so tight up with workloads.. i hope whn d event in geneva ends (nx month), i'll hv more time 4myself. *sigh!*

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the time to reminisce this exact date some years ago

at approximately 4am of 30th sept 1982, urs truly ws born somewhr in KL. n she wsnt alone cz 10mins later, anothr child ~her twin sis, Meme~ stole her limelight 4being d baby of d family 4nine years!

17 (plus 10.. yikes!) years later; today; she is happily married 2a half of twin brothers n is blessed with so many bday wishes (top wishes : "semoga cpt dpt baby.." AMINNNNN) dat she jz dont care with d fact dat she hs been celebr8ng her bdays without bday cake 4 d 4th consecutive years! (dont care kunun! tp ble sedar dh 4thn.. eh.. smlm nye cake yg kengkawan kt opis soh potong tu, ble kire jd bday cake la gak kn? mekasih ye kengkawan. ~k.Ina, K.Jar, K.Han, Amy, K.As~ sanggup korg soh akoo ptong kek masa tgh posa.. keji tau! tak sabar nk nengok korg post gmbr ku nk tikam kek tu smlm.. ehehe) dis morning, she pretended 2b d host 4a makan2 @her ofc n claimed dat she ws being generous 2all d staffs in d company she's workg @ by sponsoring them makan2 padahal mknn tu mmg dh disediakan oleh HR utk org2 yg dtg tahlil.. (sungguh keji tindakan beliau. yg tak malu tu, kt boss pn dia siap jemput mkn sempena birthday dia.. ada ke patut?)

neway, thanx a bunch 4all u peeps who rmbrs.. u guys r d star!

hepi bday 2my twin sis ~Meme~ n Martina Hingis (who shares d same birth date as us.. mcmle Martina Hingis bc blog bida ni..)

Monday, September 28, 2009

the Eid celebr8n (part 1)

crazy aint it? wht is thr 2tell abt raya dat i need 2post more thn 1entry? well, apparently, so much 2tell! here's d chronology..

17th Sept
- worked halfday, went back home, cleaned d roof
- went back 2in-law's 4iftar
- overnight @parents'

18th Sept
- woke up early 4sahur, got ready n started balik kg journey right aftr subuh
- arrived @granny's n went spring-cleaning-frenzy till arnd 3pm!
- went 2buy a new shoe 4soulmate (he lost his masa smyg jumaat, ble?) + foods 4iftar
- last 2009's terawih with family

19th Sept
- sahur
- slaved ourselves in d kitchen
- last 2009's buka posa with family

20th Sept
- raya!!! ~first with hubby~
- smyg raya with family *photos 2b posted!*
- grannies received an all day long visits. T.I.R.I.N.G!
- watched man utd vs man city, 4-3, wohoo!!

21st Sept
- went 2visit soulmate's uncle in Sik
- went 2 aunty's in Gurun
- went bowling n got home arnd 2am!

22nd Sept
- went beraya 2soulmate's cousin's plc in SP
- went back to KL (planned 2go back 2in-law's bt ws stuck in traffic)
- reached d roof @arnd 10+pm

23rd Sept
- my dad's bday!!!! wished him thru phone (he ws still in Kedah)
- went 2 in-law's
- got 2eat d yummi-licious laksa mom in-law made
- sleepover @in-law's

24th Sept
- went back 2d roof
- went 2 ikea, as usual had d '2die for' meatball n my latest ikea dish fav : d shrimp sandwich
- watched G-Force 3D @OU

25th Sept
- went back 2parents'
- went 2 irma's opnhse.. *photos 2b posted!*

26th Sept
- made d dadih i promised my sis in-law
- went back 2in-laws'
- soulmate's 1st day 2work (bummer!)
- watched d stoke vs man utd, 0-2, wohooo!!!
- sleepover @Kem Herba, Sg Congkak

27th Sept
- in-law's opnhse @Kem Herba, Sg Congkak *photos 2b posted!*

so, wht dya think abt dat? 2sum it up : pegi sana, balik sini; tido situ, balik sinun.. raya plg banyak kat mana? kt atas jalan.. ehehehehe.. neway, i'll be postg d gorgeous photos in part 2.. neway, i also wld like 2take dis opportunity 2post a shout out :

happy birthday Dal!!

p/s : my birthday's coming up.. yeay!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

the buka posa

Its very very nerve wrecking! My hp and my email is giving me a hard time today! Of all days.. today.. whn im gonna be only half day @work, my precious email turns as nasty as my hp! Sweet! I work through emails.. now dat it just refuses to attach a file which ive to send today cz its d last day for me b4 my raya leave; I felt like slamming dis pc very hard n kick it in its shin if it exists!

Anyway.. I am gonna be taking more than a week long holiday for raya starting today afternoon.. im currently eyeing d clock, cz im go’g back in abt half n hour.. I need to clean d r'oof 'first, clear d fridge cz we r go’g balik kampung.. we (soulmate n I) actually did it d other day.. I hd to cook all d veggies so it wont rot in d fridge. D simplest way 2do so is by cooking tom yam, stuff all d veggies in it! Convenient eh? And in also went all d fishballs n our favourite mushrooms..alamak.. lapar la pulak teringat.. first thing im gonna do went i reach home is to mop d floor (my kitchen stinks!), send some stuffs to d laundry n pack for my balik kampung trip. dis year im go'g back 2my kampung in kedah. soulmate decides 4us, he said cz its not easy 4him 2get a long raya holiday. he thinks next year n d years n years aftr, he'll get only a short raya leave, so we might as well go back 2my kampung dis year cz in d next years 2come, he wont expect us 2do so.. well.. im not complaining.. he's driving neway! so, 2day we'll be buka posa-ing @my inlaws again n will drive back to my parents afterwards. 2moro after subuh, we'll go balik kampung.. woohoo!!

neway, im suppose to post d pics of my buka posa with d gals.. (im sorry dal! it took me a few days 2do so.. sungguh bz).. i ws planning 2post d 'then' n 'now' photos of us. bt i cldnt find d photos whn we were in hi-skool (slmt ko dal n ros.. korg yg tak nak sgt akoo letak kan? nnt akoo cari gak..) so, here's d one we took last monday.. we had our 'gath' - partners included, except for shy's - at Restoran Rebung Chef Ismail, Bangsar. (i chosed dis place cz of d food.. i alwiz bring visitors to dis restaurant cz they can taste all d Malaysian kampung delicacies thr. sedap woo..)

Pic 1 : All of us (pics courtesy of Ned)

Pic 2 : (l-r) yann, shy, yours truly, dal, ned n ross

it ws a fun night! i had a blast. soulmate loves d food, we talked n laughed n i had 2leave early. *sigh* nak wt camne, soulmate keja malam.. as shy said, its already 10years aftr we left hi-skool.. sungguh tidak sangka.. neway, we shld do it again sometime.. i think next wedding la, ned's.. hopefully every1 will b thr..

neway.. its almost time.. tak sabar nk balik ni.. i wanna wish all of u a very warm

Selamat Hari Raya..
Maaf Zahir Batin

ok everyone.. c u aftr raya!

Monday, September 14, 2009

the yickity yickity yack!

im not in my greatest mood.. my best pal @d ofc (k.Ina) is not around. im used 2share gossips with her. n i blurted most of d stuffs i want 2 @her. well, she took an early raya leave cz her maid went back 2indo 4raya. so, i need 2wait anothr 2weeks or so b4 i can share more stories with her.. n im not sure whther by dat time i can still rmbr wht i wanna 2tell her 2day.

neway, my hp is giving me a very hard time.. of course i've been a bit unfaithful, been eyeing 4 d gorgeous-n-burn'g-my-salary N97. bt dat ws it.. i didnt say im buy'g it. im jz looking 4some potential prospects.. bt my 4-5yr old hp went merajuk all d way! it kept on beeping, ask'g me 2remove d memory card 4no reason. n dis morning it went kaput all by itself! i didnt turned off my hp cz soulmate drove 2work last nite; im supposed 2get a call frm him so i can unlock d door whn he got home. bt u knw wht happen dis morning @5++ am? i ws still asleep.. then i ws awaken by a very soft knocking sound on d front door.. dats so very not me! cz im so not a light sleeper! tido mati - dats me! dh la i ws in my bedroom. i grabbed my hp, n ws expecting it 2shw me d time. bt turns out its alredi turned off! i thought i must've been dreaming. then i heard d soft knocking again. i immediately got up, went infront n opened d door n thr it ws! my soulmate, sitting on a chair waiting 4me 2open d door! kesian soulmate!!!! i ws apologizing 2him 4like hundreds of times! he ws quite surprised 2see me cz he thought i cldnt hear him knocking d door. he did it softly cz he didnt want 2wake up d neighbours. he ws planning 2jz wait outside till i wake up (darling tak soulmate ku? sungguh baik hati) cz he ws so sure i cldnt hear him.. (ye la.. nama pn soulmate.. sudah dia kenal bini nye yg tido mati ini) dh le mamai gile pepagi tu, bt it ws so funny la jugak! n soulmate ble ckp 'comel nye cik boddah bgn pg..' itu le penangan nye laki yg keja malam and jarang dpt tgk muka bini bgn pagi.. muka selenge pn dia kata cumel! ehehehe! neway.. mi telefono! aduyai.. why lar?? sian tau soulmate dok kt luar pintu tunggu bini nye.. if u didnt turned off by urself, soulmate cld've reached me whn he tried call'g 2inform dat he's on his way back.

n guess wht else my hp did? it magically sent MMS to peeps in my contacts.. i dunno wht kinda MMS, it jz did it by itself. ystrday morning, whn i turned on my hp, i left it on d dresser. then i heard a soft beeping n i went 2check on it.. a text telling me dat d MMS i ws sending failed bcz of an invalid contact. i checked d MMS report, turns out I've been send'g MMS 2almost 10ppl, including my boss, the GM! it ws all on pending status n later whn i checked it back, some failed. i didnt bother 2check wht hpen with d MMS I sent 2my GM. then dis morning, thanks 2my hp, d GM called me n asked me, wht ws d MMS i've been tryg 2send him cz he cant open it. hw cool ws dat?! i mean, of hundreds numbers in my contacts, why on earth dat u (my hp) chosed my boss???? dat ws so embarassing. i hd 2explain 2him dat my hp went a bit crazy n he said its almost time i get a new hp! (if my salary is even a quarter of his, im sure as hell will b buy'g a new hp). my darling hp.. if u continue 2behave like dat, im sure m gonna swap u with a stupid pay phone if i hv to!

ok, 2day im go'g 2buka posa with d gals.. cant wait 4it! hoping dat i can still use my hp 2snap some pics of us.. if not, i'll use soulmate's. hoping dat dis time he wont forget 2save it like he did d last time he took a group photo of 4S91614 during einayanti's wedding.. sungguh mengeciwakan! neway.. my hp.. pls behave.. pls.. pls.. pls.. behave! everyone, doakan juga dia tak buat hal sehingga saya cukup budget! ehehehe!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

the so many things happening

its been a while eh.. last week i did d most craziest thg ever! b4 dat, our K.Long is do'g great. got 2check up on her last week. soulmate n i reached d hospital just in time; she ws on her way 2get back 2her room. n she ws alredi walking 2d toilet! so strong dat chica! i mean, whn i had my operation, i think i ws bedridden 4like forever! of course i ws force 2'take a shower' d day aftr my operation. (by say'g 'taking a shower' it actually means washed my body with a damp cloth soaked in a soapy water). bt d nurses had 2somewht carry me 2d bathroom. n i used potty 2 *u-knw-wht*. all in all, its such a speedy recovery 4K.Long. sungguh gagah! u go gurl!

neway, aftr visited K.Long, soulmate n i decided 2go find his bj melayu.. it ws aftr asar, on friday. ya ALLAH! sengalnye jalan kt KL on Fridays! soulmate dh berkali2 soh kuar awal. bt i said wait until aftr asar. cz it'l b easier like dat, i dont want 2hv 2rush 2find a musolla in jln TAR's area. So i tot it'll be more practical 2solat dulu, then we go la.. so much for practicality! we were stranded in d traffic 4nearly 2hours! tp betul la kan? at least dh solat, tak yah pikir dah.. so, whn we reached d area, it ws alredi around 7pm. i tot we shld find a shop 2buy some drinks, gi maghrib kt medan mara, then hv our meals aftr maghrib whn ppl hs alredi gone, then go hunt 4his bj melayu. so, we walked n found a stall 2buy our drinks n as we headed 2wards pertama, we found a restaurant with vacant tables! soulmate said somethg like 'mesti kedai ni tak sedap, pasal tu takde org kan?' ehehee! tp, dh ada tu sambar je la kan? so, we switched plan, buka dulu, then solat. d food? tak yah la bg harapan tinggi sangat.. yg pntg, dpt gak buka posa.. ehehe!

so, we went frm i shop 2anothr lookg 4soulmate's bj melayu. n my eyes were at d same time eyeing on tudung 2match my bj kurung. u think its easy 2find bj melayu? thr were so many! n soulmate ni ble tahan jg permintaannye. memula tu i cm bsemangat la tolong cari kan. from one kedai to one kedai.. bygkan la, dh la menapak dari medan mara smp wisma yakin. yg kt tepi2 jln tu soulmate cuma tgk without much interest.. he said suma jenis kain panas.. smp wisma yakin, went frm rack 2 rack.. @some point of time, i jz gave d shop owner my bj kurung n ask her 2find a matchg bj melayu! tak larat dh! ehehe! n she found one! although i ws in love with another bj melayu, bt d one i like tu sebijik cm kaler bj melayu soulmate last year. since soulmate like d one which of course matched my bj; obviously we wont let go of it la kan? so yeay! berjaya la kami mencari bj soulmate siap dgn sampin nye sekali akhirnye.. wht a relief! then we tried finding me a tudung n a kopiah 4soulmate, bt cldnt find one. we managed 2grab a cheap tikar buluh 4d roof instead.. ehehe.. i think we got home around 10pm. sungguh letih!

d next day, we planned 2buka posa @my in-laws. we made a crazy decision 2go 2jln TAR again 4d final time 2find stuffs we cldnt find d night b4. sungguh mencabar! bt i managed 2get d matchg tudung bt no kopiah 4soulmate. too many ppl! tak sanggup! i ws sweating like a pig. i think i almost drenched d mask i ws wearing! d heat! d ppl! d whteva! tobat la! then we went 2check out k.Long again; who ws so so do'g great; before heading 2my in-laws' plc. soulmate had 2work dat night so i hd 2drive back 2d roof so soulmate can hv a quick nap (not dat he did!). so crazy la d 2of us! ada ka p jln TAR time friday n weekend ms bulan posa? sungguh cari nahas! i think cm dh nk lemas kt lautan org tu! tak mungkin la nk buat lg thn depan!

neway, nx week im going 2a buka posa cum gath with d 6jhnm.. ehehe! they r my best buddies whn i ws in hi-skool. well, ive 2sets of frenz during hi-skool. 1@d hostel ~4S91614~ n anothr 1 @skool ~d 6jhnm~. still cant get a date 4buka posa with 4S, bt managed 2book all 6of 6jhnm (with partners) 2meet up dis monday. its been a while since we last met. so am very very excited 2meet them! im gonna post some pics of it insyaALLAH. ive chosen d best plc 2go 2, cz i love d restaurant so much. im not gonna reveal it jz yet, bt will sure post some pics on it s well! yeay! tak sabar! neway, only 10days left 2posa.. tak sangka kan? nk raya dh! like nx week! yeay!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

the time whn i lost my tongue

last night soulmate asked me to call his (mine s well) cousin; K.Long; who's gonna undergo a bypass operation. he's alwiz does dat. whn i say i wanna txt some1, he'll tell me 2call instead. d thg is, im not a 'call' person. im a 'txt' person. cz it'll b awkward whn u call some1, not 2knw wht 2say n hw 2end d conversation. dats why i prefer txt'g. bt i somehw didnt even knw wht 2txt. cz i dont reli knw hw do i wish some1 who's go'g 4n operation.

then i rmbred d time whn i lost my tongue whn my dad went 4his heart surgery 2rplace his decalcified valve. i told soulmate d story, wish'g he'd understand. n im sharing with u guys s well. it ws whn i ws in uni do'g my degree. i jz went back 2sabah cz i ws involved with d new student intake's registration week. n dat registration week hs jz ended n i ws in d middle of do'g my own registration of subjects n get'g my exam results, etc. i received a call frm my twin, tell'g me dat my dad's scheduled 4immediate operation (he went 4his regular check up n ws advised by his doc). it ws somewht a major operation, n we knw our dad, he is very very scared of needles, let alone 2go 4a major operation. so we cried cz we knw hw scared he ws, bt my twin did tell me he tried 2sound cheerful.

d morn'g of his operation, i got a call aftr subuh frm him. we didnt reli hv a conversation. he managed 2say 'hello' n i did too. n then he started cry'g. i cldnt help it, bt i cried like a baby. then i said 'abah jgn nangis, suma ok nanti tu insyaALLAH' only dat it came out as 'wahhaw wuhuuwa hhawwuu laahh' cz i ws cry'g! hw soothing ws dat? stupid me! then both of us jz fell silent. sob'g a bit. bt nothg came out aftr dat. dat ws it. i juz didnt knw wht 2say. i wsnt sure any efforts of consoling him wld make any difference. i didnt try 2make any vain attempts anymore. n then my mom said bye on his behalf. recalling abt it brings a pang of sadness in me. cz we were very afraid. it didnt take long for me 2decide 2catch d nxt plane back 2KL. i followed my guts, discussed with my sisters, not even tell'g my mom cz we knw mom will object my decision to come back cz it costs a lot. i didnt get 2meet him d day of his operation. whn i reached KL he ws alredi been safely brought 2CCU n it ws alredi aftr visitng hour.

d nx morning, i went 2IJN n whn i hugged my mom, she initially didnt realize dat it ws me not my twin. only whn she saw thr were 2of us dat she realized i came back. of course she loved d surprise n we cried our happy cries. then she suggested we went in 2gether 2visit my dad who ws alredi awake; so he'll knw dat i came back. mom hd alredi warned us not 2make him cry cz he ws still weak. bt hw can i stop him? cz whn i got in d CCU, he saw me n said 'angah, awak balik??' n in n instant his tears were flowing. well, its somewht normal 4yours truly 2start cry'g as well. aftr i gave him a hug, n told him 2rest my twin n i went out. all in all, it ws a bittersweet experience 4our family. i think it somehw brought us even closer together. cz we've been thr, on d verge of losing some1 so important. dad ws our provider. mom quit her job whn i ws in hi-skool. we hv never seen d delicate side of our dad. dad never calls us, it ws mom who'll make a call. bt we knw he'll b right by mom's side cz he'll b d one ask'g questions. (we hear him frm d backgrounds) bt we alwiz knw he cares for us. dats why hw awful we treat him, in d end, we'll still hug him whn we see him. cz we love him dearly, n mom too.. he's like our weakness.. mine especially.. dats why dis happened :

moi n abah on wedding day..

neway, back 2 d topic im discussing.. im jz not a call person. i dont knw hw 2convey my feelings (d ones dat's a bit mushy mushy especially. i knw hw 2convey anger, bt matter of d heart is a no-no for me) thru tele-conversation. i only txt. bt i ws tryg 2recall hw my frenz wished me whn i hd 2go 4my operation in 2001 (somethg im gonna share with u guys too, sometime..) so i cld duplicate it a bit; bt i cldnt rmbr any. bt in d end, i did txt K.Long. tell'g her 2rest a lot n stuffs. bt seriusly, i knw d feeling.. cz i've been thr, ive done it. sometimes, not a zillion consoling words frm any1 cld ever make u relax. n wht u cn do is alwiz turn to Him. n dats whn u'l let go n embrace whtever path He's set u 2.

neway, pray 4our K.Long. we'll b seeing d healthier her insyaALLAH!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the nutty old me

im so twisted! last saturday, soulmate n i ws deliberating on whr 2go 2survey our baju raya.. i've been hv'g dis tot of go'g 2check out d gedung al habshee in bangi. i've been read'g abt it in some magazines, tot i cld find somethg 4me thr. bt @d last second, soulmate swirved d car 2wards s.alam n we ended up go'g 2pkns instead. we were thr on saturday at arnd 3pm+. not d best timing 2go thr! trfc ws a bit slow once u reached d park'g entrance. soulmate suggestd dat we parked outside, across d mall. bt b'g d paranoid me, i said no cz it looked like its gonna rain. (s if i dont hv an umbrella in d car!) soulmate ws a bit negative, say'g we cld neva locate a vacant car park. i ws pretty sure he ws sumwht annoyed with my stupidity in making sure we tried 2search 4a parking lot inside. aftr hundreds of selawat (ok, exaggeration! not like hundreds.. bt a lot) we found a parkg lot aftr not even one round of 'tawaf'! n aftr successfully wear'g d mask dat i luckily carried in my bag, i got out of d car n immediately saw d sale signs on one of d boutiques on d 1st floor of dat building. i ws hoping i cld somehw locate it once i got inside.

so, whn we got in, gosh! d chaos! so many stalls thr on d ground floor. i think dats d first time i ever went 2pkns in bulan puasa. it ws an experience. most of d stalls are selling d same looking clothings. d same pattern of baju raya frm one end 2d othr. im sure as hell, dis years' baju raya trend will b d kurung with puff sleeves! its like massive! all over! gosh! so wishing we wont bump in2 d exact same design+pattern baju worn by some othr person @any plc @all! n aftr we've finished lookg @one of d rows of stalls, (why check out all whn its all d same?) i almost said 'lets go home'. bt considering d fact dat we've only been thr 4merely 15minutes, i'll risk a glare of illogical choice frm soulmate if i said so (bt i doubt it, cz soulmate is alwiz a darling..) nehw, soulmate said he wanted 2tapau d kyros kebab (biasa la nafsu posa neh), so we got 2d 1st floor n bought one. n i lured him 2carry on window shop'g for a bit n then i found d boutique dat i saw frm d park'g lot. (i seriusly 4got d name.. some batik thingy)

n then, its all history. u guys.. i got myself a baju raya! not even waiting 4 a raise, d nonsensical me bought a baju raya! it must hv been bcz i only spent so little on my credit card last month, n i hv some extra money, dat i made d preposterous decision on buying d baju kurung! teruk kan? tak kuat iman betul! n sbb yg lgsung tidak boleh menyangkal keinginan utk mbeli baju itu adlh kerna ianya size SS! yeay!!!!!! ingt senang ke nk jumpe bj size tu? its also d 1st time im buy'g a ready made baju kurung. cz its ever so difficult 2find one of my size. bt its reli not get'g any cheaper 2send a decent kain 2d tailor nowadays.. i used 2buy cheap 4metres kain (sometimes d RM9 per metre) n yet 2make a baju kurung somehw costs arnd RM50 - 70! tu belum buat yg berfesyen tu! crazy! dats why i tot of buy'g a ready made frm Casa in subang parade. bt its way too expensive la. d one i found kt pkns is much much cheaper.. tak sampai RM130! n no, i tak amik yg jenis puff sleeves.. not gonna go with d trend.. im opt'g 4simplicity.. cecewah! neway, soulmate n i then went arnd 2find a matchg bj melayu 4him.. bt cldnt find one.. in his case, d L size is selling like murtabak in bazaar ramadhan! so, we plan 2find one he's been eyeing 4 @wisma 'confident'. hopefully, we'll find one yg sedondon or so.. cecewah (lagi skali).. semoga saya mpunyai kekuatan dan kesabaran utk menempuh KL di wktu2 puasa ini.. haru.. haru.. demi soulmate, saya turutkan..

p/s: korg ni dah tgk tak trinkets-etcetera?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

the new 'project' im in

i dont knw wht 2post abt 2day.. got no idea wht 2say.. n honestly, i reli love 2see d ikea's meatball platter photo plastered on my blog, hence im a bit reluctant 2post a new topic.

nway.. currently, ive got my hands tight up on FB. since im still new thr, thr's so many thgs 2do. im uploading my wedding photo on FB @d time im writing dis. n i wish i dont get so many notifications cz it made me eager 2check up on it. i thing im gonna turn off all notifications. @least im not gonna b so obsessed on updating! *sigh!* poor old me.. so so outdated.. i mean, look @my frenster a/c. i cant rmbr d last time i logged in it. i hope dats not gonna happen w my blog though! unless d ofc starts block'g blogspot, im so gonna die! cz i only go online @d ofc. very seldom @home (parents' dat is) cz of d (very) slow connection.

btw, rmbr whn i said dat im alwiz gonna b d top 30 staffs who park @my ofc compound? well, 2day, dat does not happen. go ahead.. take a guess wht number am i 2day? no, not 11 (i wish!). not 31. its 50+ (ok, cant rmbr exactly. bt its 50+). did i hear u ask why? i mean, its a bit obvious isnt it? im late! ihihi! ok, not like late late. bt later than usual.. i think i got out frm d roof @nearly 7.30am. luckily traffic ws ok dis morn'g. im still in d cherish-d-skool-holiday mode. thrfore, nothg can dampen my spirit 2go 2work (bt d heavy rain early dis morng tempted me 2call in sick ~so not me!~).

neway, we hv 2send in our raya leave application soon. d company im workg with is very generous in terms of dat.. we get 30days annual leave per yr. due 2 d fact dat im d exec cum clerk cum ofcboy only staff in my unit, i hardly apply 4 a leave. dats why i got d green light whn i applied a month (19days recorded cz a month is actually inclusive of weekends n public holidays) leave 4my wedding. dis year, d company is giving an extra compassionate holiday on d 4th of raya. im sure s hell most of d staffs will b away 4d whole week. (count me in!) i guess im gonna hv 2 hv a discussion with soulmate.. hopefully he'll also hv a long raya holiday.. (which i doubt). hmm.. i dont hv baju raya dis year.. dunno y i didnt bother. bt if i get a raise, i think im gonna search 4 one. cz its d 1st yr beraya with soulmate. (>.<) yeay...!

p/s : iklan penaja : pls visit trinkets-etcetera

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the thing i call 'my fetish'

nw.. i used 2think i cld only b fetish in 1thg only. somekind of loyalty or somethg.. like my obsession 2 Man Utd.. bt nope.. who in d right mind actually cld? owh.. btw, i've signed up 4 FB.. so so so outdated me hs finally signed up 4it. i mean, ive got so many notifications on joining. bt i've alwiz provided such a lame answer like 'i alredi hv frenster'. d othr day, a friend; irma hasmie; asked me whether i'll b upload'g our photo @FB n i said, no cz i hv my blog. n then i watched Oprah n she said somethg like 'if FB ws a country, it wld b d 5th largest pplted nation'. n recently i kept on receiving dis weird invitation frm 'Missy Thingummy'; who i dont hv any idea who dat ws; 2join FB. Amy; a fren @ofc; hs also suggested me 2do so, including 3,285 othr ppl! n finally, i hd d nerve of do'g it ystrday with a help of a fren cz i ws busy do'g somethg else. n eventually i found out dat d mysterious 'Missy Thingummy' is my twin Meme! i mean, wht kind of name u chosed?? i thought it ws frm a fren in another continent!

k, back 2 my fetish.. neway, i think ive been 'preaching' abt dis one thg dat i love 2eat so so much 2my colleagues.. i've been somekind of voluntary promoter cum walking advert 2dis particular food, been talk'g abt it on n on. n i even hd my drunken-ness of dis heavenly lushes food on 1of my posting sometime back.. i fell in love with it whn my lovely doting soulmate introduced me 2it during 1of our dates. n right frm dat moment, i cant thnk of othr scrumptious delicacy worth eat'g! (ok, dats a bit too much right?) neway.. here's wht im talkg abt :


d mouth-watering Ikea's Meatball!! (credit 2 Amy)

alrite.. i knw we'r fast'g bt i finally got dis photo frm Amy ystrday. n i jz cant wait 2post on it. every1 shld go n try it. i went 2 hv it last 2 weeks 4lunch with Amy. a week b4 dat, Amy went thr n tried it n txted me on it cz i ws d one who ws rambling abt we shld go n try it. bt d 1st time she went, she didnt even inform me (i thnk she knw d minute she suggestd, im sure s hell'll b run'g 2ikea if i might!). bt @least she cld reli understand my delirium of desire over dat meatball! n she promised we'll go 2gether d nx wk. n dat photo taken ws d one whn Amy n i went 2ikea 4our lunch. n guess wht? Amy went thr 3 weeks in a row! cz last week, she went thr with anothr ofcmate, K. Zeehan n i didnt join them since i ws on leave. n yes, without shadow of a doubt, i'll join them if i ws arnd @dat time!

btw, its highly recommended babes! do try it.. n pls dont get greedy.. whn u'r order'g u might thnk d 10pcs meatball wil not b enough. Bt trust me, if u dont plan 2share, dont think of order'g 15pcs! (if im not mistaken, they also serve 5pcs a plate. k, i didnt bother with dat one cz it wont b enough 4me) u might not believe dat 1pc is very fulfilling! bcz its not like normal meatballs frm othr rstaurants, 1pc of it is very firmly packed i shld say. n d gravy.. gosh d gravy.. delectable! n y do i say i 10pcs plate is enough? cz they also serve it w not-ur-average-size fries. got appetite? try it!

p/s : dont 4get 2visit trinkets-etcetera! (no, they dont pay me 4promoting.. hehe!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the best thing abt school holiday

When we were a child, still in skool; we reli love skool holidays.. cz we can finally get a break frm get’g scold by d horrible Mrs Narayanan teacher and all d hectic learning process.. I hated skool whn it comes 2hv 2excel in studies. It ws so much pressure! N I reli reli hate (notice d present tense im using?) maths! Bt I loved it especially cz of d darling frenz n all d stuffs we can do aftr skool, d curricular activities, d bump in2 some1 we admire, d lepak time @ amcorp mall d skool canteen n such.. neway, all in all, we (read : i) jz love some time off frm all d studyg (not dat I did study). D skool break ws wht we embrace with open arms, smiling frm ear 2 ear, so so welcomed!

Nw, 10yrs aftr skool; whn d skool break finally arrives, I cant help but 2love it again. Not dat I can hv a break as well, (im sure if I ws a teacher, im d happiest person in d whole world 4d holiday!) bt I love it whn I can get ready 2work, jz a little extra late than usual. I don’t hv 2rush in d morning, I can reli take my own sweet time, do my chores in d morning, take a shower @nearly 6.30am, do d laundry, run d car engine extra long b4 driving off, reach sunway toll without even an ounce of blood raising in temperature (due 2 d normally long queues @d not so Smart Tag). N no matter hw late I got out of d ‘roof’, I’ll still b d top 30 staff who parks @d ofc compound (my ofc hs dis park’g system, we can park @d ofc compound provided dat we r d listed employees who were registered @d nearby (paid) park’g lot, d guard’ll give us dis numbered pass 2b displayed on d dashboard. So, dats why I knw I’m still d top 30).

I realize 1thg tho’, during skool holidays, I think myb up 2 65% of usual traffic is just gone! Seriusly! I don’t knw whr all of them went, bt its jz not thr nemore. I mean, its sunway toll 4god’s sake! Its like d worst toll plaza I cld think of in terms of traffic flow. 4normal workg days, I cld swear im 95% risking a freaking bad dent on my car. N d lady drivers (as if im not!).. gosh!! They jz don’t knw whr they’re heading. They r like everywhr! A minute they signalled left, yet they r turn’g their steering wheels 2d right in a very lady-like manner! N d road bullying men drivers; they r some snob who refuse 2let u switch lane no matter hw bright ur signal lite is blinking, n kept on ramming their engine as if they r driving a lamb (im talking abt Lamborghini), bt in reality they r actually driving a heavily modified kancil! Duhh!!! I mean, why is it dat most road bullies drive small cars? I mean, didn’t they realize dat they r actually vulnerable? I think dats why they turn nasty! They r jz insecure, dats why they wanna look tough a bit!

Ok, whtever. my point is, I love skool holidays; even tho' im no longer a skool student; cz thr’s less morning traffic. Im not sure dat d students drive 2skool bt d traffic reli magically eases during skool holidays. I wish I cld pinpoint d reason 4 dis blissful serenity on d road, (I thought parents sendg their children 2skool causes d traffic, bt I rmbred dat I hardly see skool students while I ws caught in traffic) bt I seriusly don’t knw. Nehw, im gonna cherish another 3days left of dis so short skool holiday (sigh!) n m gonna take my own sweet time n enjoy my hassle-free traffic week..

P/s : dont forget 2check out *i think im gonna do dis promo d whole week (>.<)

Monday, August 24, 2009

the yack about nothing

hmm.. hv done my work.. am so look'g 4ward 2yack abt nothing here.. i took a day leave on friday, soulmate suggested it cz friday is his offday. aftr he got back frm prayer, we went 2mv 4 a date.. hehe.. he suggested we go watch a movie, bt i wsnt up 2it. i didnt wear my mask, so it wsnt cmfortable. we had our seafood spag in cream sauce ~my fav!~ n we went window shopping 4my bday pressie!! yeay! (my bday is another month 2go, bt soulmate hs alredi told me wht he's buying, so we went 2hv a look @it.. ble tak cam gelabah je kan?) not so long aftr dat soulmate suggested we hv dessert @secret recipe, but it ws not dessert 4him, he grabbed kids' fish n chips platter while i hd my 1scoop ice cream. i dunno y soulmate always complains dat he's get'g 'heavy' whn he made all d eating choices himself, (which @times dropped my jaw 2d floor). n i dunno y he needs 2worry cz i like him with more 'meat' than b'g a skinny guy. @least he can easily carry me whn he needs 2 (especially whn my feet aches frm walking frm end 2 end of a shopping mall without buy'g anythg.. u see, whn we dont buy anythng, d feet hurts. bt whn we shop like thr's no 2moro, d feet neva complains.. weird huh?) neway, soulmate i love u n i love every bit of u, fat n all! so pls dont worry. n its fast'g month, myb u will lose some weight if u wish it hard..

neway, in d middle of writing dis, a gud fren of mine; ned; skyped me. she gave me dis link 4me 2c. i think i want 2 put it here s well 2share with u guys! pls visit

since im yack'g abt nothg, jz bear w me. its my 1st yr bpuasa s a wife. d difference is i ws not a person who wake up 4sahur b4. if i want 2, i'll wake up; usually not 4nasi. dat's too heavy 4me n way too early in d morn'g. bt im get'g used 2bsahur nw (i've started fastg since a few months back on certain days of d week, 2ganti n also 2get my stomach ready 4dis month). soulmate alwiz urged me 2sahur everytime. so, i'll wake up 2eat some bread n drink a glass of water.. no nasi yet.. myb sometime soon. 4dis fasting month, since soulmate works on US - New York time (hate it!), we dont get 2bsahur 2gether except on fridays and saturdays (which means 8times a month only!! so sad!). soulmate's not a picky eater, so he'll eat whtever is on d table (thank GOD!). n whn he's @work, he'll text me 2check whther i've hd my sahur. n its so funny.. soulmate will b ask'g me every now n then, 'lapar tak?' as if im a 5year old. n whn i said no, he'll b like 'babe, u r d most suitable person 2b sent 2war'. n thr ws a time whn i ws fasting a few months back, n while waiting 4d time 2break-fast, i watched d AFC on some cooking show. he looked @me n said sumthg like 'hw come u'r watchg dis whn fast'g?'. ha-ha! hey... wait a sec! O.M.G! come 2think of it, i think he does think im a 5yr old! soulmate, do u????

ok, whtever! neway.. soulmate wants me 2plan so we can hv our break-fast @some plc special. he's alredi hs a plc in his mind. i think im agreeing 2it. only i've 2make d book'g whn we decide whn. im sure we'll whallop all d foods like crazy cz i reli like d plc he's suggest'g. im looking 4wd 4it. n also look'g 4wd 4a long raya break (hope so!).. n so very look'g 4wd 2celebrate raya 2gether.. yeay!!! (ekelleh.. baru posa 3hari dh crita pasal raya.. aduyai!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

d wish

Hi everyone.. i wanna wish all of u


dat's all 4today.. i'll b on leave 2moro, dats why d be-early wish's made..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the mundane blabber (part 2)

since i cant think of d best title 4today's rambling, im using d same title i've used sometime back. cz thr's no specific topic im goin' 2yack abt 2day.. n nope, its not a continuation of d last post on d same title. i made up my mind dat everytime i cant come up with a title 4my post, im gonna use 'd mundane blabber (part ...)' as my title in d future.. so, bear with me readers.. (as if thr r any..) i've done my job 4d day.. no pending works except for filing (i reli need a clerk!im bad in dis 'arena') so, im gonna talk crap..

neway.. i ws blog hopping. i follow some blog cz its alwiz inspiring 2see hw ppl hs so much 2blog abt. like k.Mimi, soulmate's cousin (n mine technically) who post daily, not once, bt a cple of times a day.. i dont. my brain sumhow defies my ability in providing even an ounce of writing materials worth posting abt.. sumtimes i read her blog n thought 'why didnt i came up with dat?' n most of d times i felt dat she blogs abt d thing dat's so simple cz everythng she wrote is abt her n yet i cldn't think of anythg abt me dat i cld share of (shows hw boring my life is..)

n i also follow anonymously some blogs. not reli follow.. every once in a while, i'll check up on dat blog 2see wht dat fella is gonna write abt n laugh @it. ok, let me tell u sumthg abt it.. dis person ws my college-mate back in uni. most of ppl i knw hv problems with her. she's dis over dramatic girl who wants every1 2pay attention 2her. d sabahan wld describe it as 'mintak puji bah..' i ran in2 her blog while blog hop'g n i alwiz cringe in horror @wht she wrote abt in her blog. ok, not reli abt wht she wrote on d blog, its more of how she wrote it..

hv u ever felt like closing ur ears with ur hands, or turning ur face 2another direction in humiliation, or want 2jz cut d conversation short whn sum1 came up 2u n say somthg in english jz 4show'g off or 2get everybody's attention, only 2learn dat wht they say dont make any sense cz of d grammar mistakes? im alwiz tempted 2correct sum1 when they r using d wrong tenses. not dat im good, bt i believe dat one cn only learn whn they knw d correct way of speaking a sentence. they must've not been listen'g 2their teacher whn d teacher ws teachg them. thr's certain basic rule in english, which b'g basic, literally; means its suppose 2b common knwledge. like whn u use 'to' with a verb, d verb shld b in present tense. like 'to write', 'to read', 'to eat', 'to sleep'. and form'g a present continuous tense, u add '-ing' with d verb, like she's eating, im going, he's sleeping. (owh my god, now i sound like an english teacher.. mind me, i ws an english teacher) pls differentiate which noun 2use, is it plural or singular? 'they sale' not 'they sales'.. no, it's not 'its means..' d correct way is 'it means'.. i use to read d section in nst on 'mind your language'. its very helpful.

i've met so many ppl frm different countries since i work in d company im currently work'g with. of course @times i'll feel intimidated 2converse in english especially whn i knw they come frm european countries. and i also met some who dont even speak good english n dats anothr matter n its ok. cz they'll alwiz let me knw in advance n apologize bcz they'r not good in english. n i'll b comfortable with dat cz @least they'll admit it. n i'll tell them im as much incapable in conversing in english as they do n at times, even worse cz i cldnt find d right vocab 2use. bt i jz cant take it whn sum1 thinks dat she can show-off 2ppl by writing an email or post a blog in english whn all she's writing is a crap with so many grammar mistakes! i mean come on!

ok, i, for once write my blog in english. yes. bt no, im not showing off. im jz comfortable in do'g so. n if ever i thought dat i cant do so, i'll slot in a Malay word. bt honest 2 god, no, its not 4 showing off.. dis college-mate who i accidently bumped in2 is another story. cz i personally knw her, its jz weird read'g wht she wrote. we cld reli differentiate btwn a person who wanna learn using d language n person who's using it 4showing off(n fumbles at it). i reli applaud any1's effort in using english. seriusly.. they deserve a pat on their back 4hv'g d confidence of try'g 2improve themselves. aftrall, u can only b good in a foreign language by practicing. i hv one in my ofc, a guy, we call him 'En Mat tarbus'. he speaks english not for show'g off. he do it 2 learn. he'll drop by at my table 2read d nst n if he didnt knw a word, he'll ask me 4d definition. he laughs at himself 4not making a correct sentence but he'll try ever so convincingly n alwiz asks ppl on hw he shld reli correctly pronounce a word or say a sentence, cz he wants 2learn. nevermind d fact dat he is almost nearing d retirement age. i jz am very impressed with his efforts. n i'll champion every1 who wants 2practice. n whn i prctice, i wont mind it if any1 wld correct my tenses bcz its better 2knw my mistakes then continue making it, right?

i think thr's another person who also cant take it whn sum1 4no reason uses english while its better 4them 2write in malay 2avoid d humiliation; n dat is my twin, Meme. i alwiz thought Meme speaks better english. i didnt knw d tenses until i ws in hi-skool. Meme on d othr hand excel hers since primary skool. i went 2 hi-skool, cry'g d 1st day cz most of d students were using english. n i felt helpless cz Meme wsn't thr 2help me cz we went 2different skools. bt i tried everythg bcz i wanna make sure i'll survive in dat skool. n im thankful cz it made me who i am 2day. not dat im good, im far frm it. bt @least im comfortable enough 2use d language n i knw i wont mortify myself in say'g somthg i shldnt or write an invitation dat is hard 4ppl 2understand cz of some direct translation used (hint* hint*). n if i didnt knw a word, i'll admit it n look up in a dictionary 4dat word. its plain simple as dat. i jz wonder why sum ppl must b so arrogant. dont use d language jz 2look good infront of ppl while u definitely s*ck @it. cz in d end, u'll end up looking foolish n seriusly, u r humiliating urself with all d things u r writing/say'g.

p/s : nyibuk je akoo neh kan nak comment2 grammar orang?

Monday, August 17, 2009

the funny thing i read today..

Wow! i have neva seen anythg so impressive like d frontpage of nst.. since we cant curb d spread of d H1N1 virus, our brilliant govt decided dat d citizen shld b fined RM10k or dat poor H1N1 patient may also face up to 2years in jail 4spreading d virus.. now.. now.. is thr anyone of sound mind wld ever want 2purposely spread d virus 2every ppln?? it will b helpful if for once our govt wld not blame us, d citizen for d outbreak of dis virus. whn d citizen complaints, they said we went panic for no reason. whn it is forecast dat 20%of d ppln will contract H1N1, d citizen pays d price for 'spreading d virus'. i think every level of ppl hv voiced our concern abt d slow process in get'g treatment @hospitals nowadays, and ws it not us who wanted serius measures be taken in handling dis issue? if im not mistaken, d panic-stricken citizen were d ones who asked for preventive actions over and over again. n why r we 2b blamed n fined? seriusly, we appreciate it if 'rakyat didahulukan' b finally materialised..

Friday, August 14, 2009

the creme de la creme

I actually hv sumthg i wantd 2 post.. but its stil in draft. i ws tryg 2upload a video wif d post bt thr were some errors evrytime i tried 2publish it. so, it'll remain in my draft 4a while i guess.

2day im so looking 4wd 2rite on dis matter. othr ppl myb writing abt yasmin, bt not me. im not a fan, i dont like yasmin's movies, i only like d tv ads yasmin did, especially on d chinese boy 'tan hong ming'. othr than dat, no hay nada. instead, im gonna rite abt a very fine jewel, a gem, a very prominent lady, she's wht 'a force 2b reckon with' is all abt.. i've been eyeing 4 a wrong idol all dis while! i've read abt her b4; i think every1 does; bt it ws all like a breeze. she ws more a low profile persona; dats wht most of ppl do'g humanitarian works does; they kept away frm d radar cz they jz am happy do'g their work n not all d publicity dat cld come with it.

im talkg abt Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood. (i seriusly didnt knw she's alredi a Tan Sri)

ystrday, i read in nst an article abt her. i @times did brag abt hw she's an assuntarian, cz im too! (wait, i shld say i ws an assuntarian rite? bt dats wht happen, once an assuntarian, alwiz an assuntarian! ~im so gonna blog abt my hi-skool yrs @assunta~). whn she ws on tv, i'll tell ne1 nx 2me 'do u knw she's n assuntarian?' n then i'll go kembang setaman jz bcz i went 2d same skool as she did. n whn d company im workg with initiated a fund 4gaza, i suggestd 2 send d more than 100k 2 Mercy. bt dat ws it. no more. bt ystrday's article somehow touched my heart so so much. i didnt realize we had so much in common othr than b'g an assuntarian.

whn i ws do'g a degree in uni, i did international relations. i rmbr 1of my lcturer wantd 2knw abt our ambitions. whn it came 2my turn, i said i wanna walk hand in hand with angelina jolie do'g UNHCR works (u knw wht's ironic? nw im do'g international relations not in UN, bt here in d company im workg with. my twin on d othr hand is workg w UN~undp malaysia~. my twin Meme, who never in her life ever had d dream or not in zillion years ever thought of workg in UN, she *and me included* who laughs at her own ignorance especially abt international relations jargons, is b'g paid in USD by UN. not me, who took up spanish as my third language, n mandarin as my fourth so UN h/o will b interested if ever i applied 4a job thr, whch i never did n both languages is very, very rusty nw dat i think im never go'g 2apply cz b'g fluent in only 2 languages of which one is not even UN's official language wont help. unless if i wanna work @d UN malaysia ofc like my twin does. hmm.. now dats a thought..) aftr readg Dr Jemilah's article i knw, i ws so stupid! i mean, angelina jolie?? im sorry angie, im moving on, ive met some1, she's closer @home, i've jz overlooked her all dis while (wait a min, she's gone 2 new york last night 2start a new job, she's no longer closer @home..) on d othr hand, Dr Jem!!! i love u!

she's so noble! n down to earth.. 1of d reason she stepped down frm Mercy bcz she realized dat d rest of d world is relating Mercy with Dr Jemilah. she touched so many hearts all over the world. but she created Mercy for Malaysia, she didnt want it to be Mercy Malaysia Jemilah. how unselfish of her! cz u knw, some ppl wants 2b attached 2 a plc 4so long, its like synonym alredi, whn u mention a person's name(im not gonna give example, hihi!), we'll link it with such n such organisation. not her. im reli wishing her d best of luck! its not gonna b easy, heading one of UN branch in New York, being a female from Asia, a muslim, a tudung wearing one in fact, its gonna b a great challenge. n with dat challenge comes opportunity as well. cz its time dat she can show d world d muslim way of life, of which humanitarian efforts come close 2our hearts if not directly, we do it in othr way possible. U knw wht, whn we didnt manage 2acheive wht we tried 2pursue, its so much serene 2knw dat some1 else is do'g it n we feel so happy 4them. n Dr Jem, although i envy d life u hv(im sure u'll envy mine as well.. i hv a darling soulmate..!), im not sure im as brave n determined as u are, bt i m so so pleased dat u r do'g dis. u r n incredible woman, n hear dis world; Dr Jem is my idol! not oprah, not angie, not sonia gandhi. (owh my god!nw i realized, ive been a feminist whn it comes 2 choosing n idol!)


Monday, August 10, 2009

the thing abt mi telefono.. (sick.. dats so rusty!)

Sign of mental / writer's block it goes.

01) What is the phone brand?
Nokia 6260. (im seriusly outdated in dis matter.. but i dont care, i love my 3year old phone. though at times im tempted 2follow soulmate's suggestn 4me 2buy a new phone)

02) What are the last 3 digits of your mobile number?

03) What does the 2nd message in your inbox say?
"Tu akhir nye tercapai cite2 makan kat sini..alhamdulillah;) Minggu depan kita pulak datang sini sempena menyambut ramadhan heheeh..ok tak.." (frm Amy who went 2ikea n had meatball 4lunch without tell'g us! akoo tuntut jumaat ni amy..)

04) Who’s the first person who comes up under the letter M?
Mak.. my lovely mommy..

05) Who’s the last person you rang?

06) Who was your last missed call from?
my darling soulmate

07) Who’s the 2nd person who comes up under D?
Dato Fattah (my boss)

08) What does the last message in your inbox say?
"I love u!" - soulmate is alwiz a darling!

09)Who comes up under J?
Jambu, Jaz, Johari 4P, Johari Pn Armi

10) Go to your Sent Items - what does the 10th message say?
"Ita, dato fattah xjd g india, we r tryg 2get rplcment soonest possible. I'll b in touch"

11) Who’s the 4th person who comes under S
Shafiq-angkasa (ok, he no longer works @angkasa)

12) Who’s your network provider?

13) How many messages are currently in your inbox?
90 (99% frm soulmate, i kept since 2005)

14) What do you have as your background?
soulmate n i honeymoon'g

15) Who’s the 2nd person who comes up under R?
Radhi angkasa

16) Who do you have on speed dial 3?

17) If you’re on Pay as you Go, how much credit do you have?
barely surviving! dat reminds me im suppose 2top up 2day cz my airtime expires 2moro

18) Who’s the first person who comes up under C?

19) How many bars of signal do you currently have?

20) What do you have as your main ringtone?
smallville theme song..