Friday, July 31, 2009

d bday wish again.. (im not sure if any1 wld do dis 2me if it ws my bday)

Note : my posting mode dis week : lazy! (hw come i make a note @d begin'g of my entry? c? it shows dat im a lunatic isnt it?)

Anyway, 2day im gonna make a shout out to 1of my colleague @my ofc..

(not gonna mention her age.. - nope, she's not old.)

i've been pretty busy dis week. n ws tryg 2post somethng 4d past few days bt i didnt even knw wht 2write, i cant come up wif nethg interestg 2tell eventhough i signed up 4slavery since begin'g of dis week. some kind of writer's block or sumthg (yeah right!). myb i'll post some tags i've found, later 2day.. thr's so many dat i found. im sharing it sometime. ok. i've got 2go. i shld finish up some errands 1st. owh yeah.. btw, man utd lost 2 bayern dis morn'g 4d audi cup. its ok, i hv faith in them s always!

Friday, July 24, 2009

the ABC

Yep.. Yep.. another tag i found while blog hopping.. Anyhow, here are the ABC’s of me:

A - Age: sweet sweet 16.. im my dreams! gonna b 27 dis year.

B - Bed size: Queen

C - Chore you hate: clean up durian-stained plates.. i try to avoid it.

D - Dog's name: never hv one, n dont plan 2hv one

E - Essential start your day item: shower

F - Favorite color: red

G - Gold or Silver: how bout silver plated gold?? hehe

H - Height: i hate dis! not even 5' but close

I - Instruments you play(ed) : rebana for dikir, kompang and gamelan (>.<) i wish i cld play harp or something!

J - Job title: I.R.O

K - Kid(s): none

L – Lick or bite: lick? wait.. bite. no! lick! wait.. wht r we talking abt again actually??

M - Mom's name: Hjh Norhayati

N - Nicknames: B @ Boddah

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: cyst removal (2yrs old) and thyroid gland removal operation (2001)

P - Pet Peeve: When they r lazy n too fat n peeved!

Q - Quote from a movie: 'Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering' by Master Yoda, Star Wars!

R - Right or left handed: Right.

S - Siblings: 1 Older sis, a twin sis, lil sis (not in size) n lil bro (not in size again)

T - Time you wake up: 5.30-ish ( i snoozed a cple of time)

U- Underwear: yes? im wearing them.. wht's d point?

V - Vegetable you dislike: i love veggies

W - Ways you drink your coffee: thanks but no thanks! no coffee for me.

X - X-rays you've had: hip (i sprained it during some freakin hockey game), chest (for medical check up) n wrist (sprained while climbg mount kinabalu. wierdly funny..)

Y - Yummy food you like: so many!

Z - Zoo favorite : erk?? im not sure..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

the typing test i did

hey.. wht u think of dis?? cool eh?? actually i 'bumped' into d Malay version. u can try d Malay test as well. i saw thr were dis flags on top of d page, turns out we can try out diff languages typing test as well. neway, my result is as below which is self explanatory. (ok, ok! i'll let u knw a secret if u promised not tell anybody.. its actually my second try, not d first! hehe!) wait! not self explanatory.. wht it didnt mention is dat i typed 50 correct words and 3 wrong ones.. ooh ooh.. go try it!

Typing Test

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the saddest day.. sob.. sob.

yep.. officially.. its d saddest day of my life.. miserably sad dat my fav futbol team on earth is leaving 2day.. yep.. Manchester United is leaving dis morning to Korea. pls, pls dont wait another 8-9years b4 return'g back here 2 Msia. cz it seems like ages! i mean, nearly a decade! dats like way too long! i hope they like Msia so much, they'll come back soon!

i read Nick Coppack's blog update 2day.. he's pack'g. saw d pics he posted.. so cool.. some ppl r so lucky! i envy them! n fans in Korea must b very anxious 4their arrival. neway, had our chance of meet'g them. i shld b thankful alredi. (m very pissed off however dat astro didnt air d 2nd match cz i didnt go!) think im gonna save some money so i can buy d new kit. Cant wait!!!! wish them save journey, may we hv a great season ahead of us (which i so so so so am looking 4ward 2!) n win d premiership again plus all d cups we cld!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the great Manchester United Asia Tour 2009 experience!

O.M.G! O.M.G! O.M.G!!!!!!

AWESOME!! yes babes, it was awesome!!!!!!!! im so so so so so so excited! d Manchester United's Asia tour ws wht its worth! i cant wait 2post abt it 2day. yep, got onhold cz i took a long leave, Friday n Monday, so i had a long, marvellous weekend. n who would've tot dat Manchester United ws gonna play in Msia not once, but twice in one week?? i mean, dis is like OT alredi! (4those who dont knw, ~which i wonder y??~ *OT stands 4 Old Trafford - d theatre of dreams - Man Utd's stadium in UK, ok?). seriusly u guys.. dis is like once in a lifetime opportunity. i went 2d previous tour and they were like rushing here and there. It was a bit hush hush. u dont reli know whr they stayed and all (ok, @least, i didnt), it was pretty much exclusive tour. dis time around i felt dat dis tour is much more 'intimate'. u can c in d papers daily, d mobs of fans @d hotel, they cld get autographs by d poolside, d greetings frm d players themselves.. much more warmth dis time. i felt like they (d team) reli do appreciate us. i dunno, myb d last time, thr were so many 'superstars' in d team. becks, veron, 2 name a few. i mean they were pretty much restricted. not so dis time. k, lemme tell u my experience..

on friday morning, i got a text frm my twin, she told me she left her jersey @my mom's hse (she is renting sumwhr near her ofc). 'wht m i gonna wear 2watch MU?'. n i instantly tot, 'owh well.. here it goes again..' since i cant reply her (i 4got 2reload my prepaid access) i told soulmate dat i bet she is definitely going 2buy herself a new jersey jz like wht she did 4d previous man utd tour. then soulmate n i went back 2his parents' cz we need 2get another training pass 4my cousin. whn we got back home, b4 soulmate went 4d Friday pryr, we tried 2get some rest 4d evening (we needed full charge batt 2scream our lungs out 4d training session! hehe!) i got a call frm my dad. he said thr's a courier mail frm oversea 4me. i got confused whn he said it ws frm Manchester.. i ws like, 'wht?? MANCHESTER??'. wht ws dat? i mean, i dont rmbr having any frens frm Manchester. (i wish i hv! a MU futbol plyr myb. hehe!) then he opened it 4me n voila!! dis is wht it ws :

Pic 1 : d envelope.. ok, dat ws not some scribbling ok, i blurred d address obviously! check out d 'Royal Mail'. hahah! i almost felt i got a mail frm d Queen herself! yep.. neva got a 'Royal Mail' b4, so mind my feeble awkwardness!

Pic 2 : d royal triumph! hehe! so i actually am d lucky winner of another training pass!

i totally 4got dat i had sometime ago entered a contest @d Man Utd's official wsite. as u all knw (ok myb some of u knw) my daily morning routine is 2check my mail, then d Man Utd's official wsite n d (in dat order). of course, thr ws dis contest @d Man Utd's wsite whrby, if u won, u'll get d training pass 4d Asia Tour. i entered d contest without any expectation cz i dont rmbr ever b'g lucky even in a simple lucky draw 4some unfancy event anywhr. bt 4d 1st time in my going 2b 27 years in dis world (blimey! i told u my age!), i won 2passes 2c d Man Utd training session! so wht u think of dat?? but its ironic though cz soulmate n i alredi got our free pass n wht's more ironic, it arrived on d morning of d training itself! i mean, u cldnt get a better timing, cld u? bt whteva! i still cant believe it! i later told my cousin dat he cld invite anothr 2frens with him n meet us @d stadium so we can give him his passes.

Pic 3 : d special training pass, all d way frm OT!! im so proud of myself! hehehe! they even hv a special red colored lineyard written 'Asia Tour 2009' with a Man Utd's logo on it. Wht la proevents? why cant u also put it on d lineyard? will look more impressive rite? like mine is!! ehehe!

soulmate n i went 2d stadium quite early. we didnt wanna get caught wit traffic n ws hoping we can get gud park'g space. later we met my twin n abg pesal n waited 4our cousin 4almost 2hours! of course, s expected, meme got herself a brand new jersey, n yes, d latest kit! n u knw wht? it ws 4pm n my cousin ws still in Rawang n tot he cld arrive on time cz he ws riding a motorbike!! we were furious! we heard d roar frm inside d stadium n almost instantly, we ran 2d entrance gate n tried getting ourselves inside cz we tot we missed d Man Utd's grand entrance! but luckily, they were actually cheering 4d Msian team, n we still hv n hour 2go b4 Man Utd's turn 2train. Since we got in frm d green gate, we tot we cld sneak in 2d VIP box 2get a better view. We were running around n in d end we were back @whr we started @d green gate! bcz obviously d plc ws already filled up! since we were alredi tired, we settled in with d nearest plc we cld get, middle of 2nd tier. n wht of our cousin, u asked? his fren's bike got punctured along d way! talk abt misery! bt he managed 2arrive jz in time 2watch d team's entrance.

d stadium ws a flash of red sea. right whn d FRU marched in, d roar ws deafening! n it ws only d FRU! it ws a bit hazy dat day n inside d stadium d view ws somewht blurry. then a glimpse of red shirt @d side of d field shook d stadium even more. it ws actually Nick Coppack, one of's journalist, bt everyone went crazy no matter who came out! all dat matters they were d visitors! n d first 2come out ws none other than Paul Scholes. My twin n i went frenzy jz like d rest in d stadium. i ws shouting 'Scholesy!!!' like a mad woman n we were clapping our hands as if they hv just scored d winning goal against liverFOOL! then more came out and we were lost in d frenetic chants of Man Utd's adoring fans! we even 'registered' ourselves 4d mexican wave. i ws shouting their names (Giggsy's d loudest obviously) we were squinting our eyes, pointing 2each players, trying 2recognize them in d flesh, searching 4 d Gaffer n went ga-ga everytime Van De Sar waved. it was awesome! Sometime later i realized dat soulmate ws no longer bside me. I went a bit panicky n turns out he went further in front 2get a better view of d team. we gave a standing ovation aftr d training, all seems happy dat we were able 2catch a glimpse of our fav team in action. It was definitely d best time of my life! (after my wedding of course) it was crazy! bt i reli love d experience dis time..

whn we got home, i had d worst headache ever!! my head ws hurting like i ran into d walls or something! i swear my eyes felt like it ws gonna explode! i went 2bed so early dat nite, my battery went 'kaput!' almost instantly.. so so hepi nonetheless! n 2learn dat they r staying 4anothr match is jz a blast! i dont hv d photo wit me yet. bt will post it once i get it frm abg pesal. he brought d best camera d othr day. hoping dat we got nice shots of us enjoy'g d session!

i read @d wsite, d team is leaving 2moro morning. im not sure whn will they b back here again. whnever dat will b, i wont miss it 4d world. dis morn'g my ofcmates were making foolish jokes abt hw Man Utd cld only manage 2narrowly won both d matches. I didnt care, s long s they won. it seems like they were pretty cautious in the match. n y wldnt they? given hw bad d pitch condition ws. of course they wanted 2gv all they might. bt i dont think they wld want 2risk n injury during dis tour since d season is starting somewhr arnd nx month. pls watch d replay if u hv d time. look @hw d ball went everytime some1 passes it. iOMG d pitch! n nope, i dont think Amri ws a hero. yes, he cld gloat 4scoring twice against Man Utd, but whteva! n no! Gaffer is not going 2buy him jz bcz he scored twice! (they cld've pick a better joke than Man Utd's signing him 2 rplce Ronaldo. seriusly.. its NOT funny!) yes, myb they deserve a pat on d back 4playg d way they did. but no; u can say im not patriotic or whteva u want; pls dont expect me 2b wearing a diff jersey other than Man Utd's n nope, i wont b showing minimal, even d least interest in Msian futbol jz yet. Im sorry. i jz hv 2b honest. they need 2do more 2get my slightest interest (not dat they care). n i wish them gud luck cz i do want them 2succeed in d future. n 2my fav team in d universe, i bit u glory, may we win again dis season, n PLEASE COME AGAIN!!!!!!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

the excitement!

ive been anticipating dis moment 4some time! n finally, 2moro.. yeay! 2moro! (its like d song; "2moro, 2moro; i love u 2moro!" - *im not sure abt d lyrics, but whteva!) my one n only, greatest futball team;

d FIFA Club World Champ;

Carling Cup Winner;

3rd consecutive Barclays / English Premier League Champ;

Charity Shield Winner;

MANCHESTER UNITED is coming 2Malaysia! i cant wait to check out d training session tomorrow! so freakin excited!!!! early dis month, i applied my leave jz 2make sure i wont miss 2moro's session.. I WONT MISS IT FOR THE WORLD! i reli cant explain d excitement im feeling rite now! last time they came, i had d best of time watching d training session. scholes impressed me d most. watched and went ga-ga over giggsy frm afar. n my sis drooling over becks. took so many pics, clapped my hands so hard everytime someone scored. i wished i ws on d field with them! i rmbered last time, d morning of d training, my twin went missing n we only realized it whn she called me 2ask 4my opinion on wht name shld she put on d back of her jersey; she ws actually @d Man Utd's megastore in Sunway Pyramid 2buy herself a brand new jersey so she can wear it 2go watch d training dat evening! she already has man utd jersey, she jz wanted a new one! crazy woman!

2moro will b somewht a deja-vu! but better! owh gosh! i seriusly am so excited i think i wont b able 2sleep 2nite! wht's even better abt 2moro is dat, dis time im go'g wit soulmate!! dis morning i washed soulmate's jersey (Man Utd's away jersey i got him 4his bday dis year) so it'll look nice n shine whn he wears it 2moro (not dat it needs wash'g). i've chosed mine. i've a number of man utd jersey but i'll wear d home jersey 2moro. not d latest one, i hvnt bought it yet. my twin said she'd pre-order d new kit. i dont reli like d new kit, but will definitely buy one still. so eager 2go! im all smiles today. nothing can dampen my spirit! n excitement! my ofcmates kept on making stupid jokes cz of d smile plastered on my face. but nope, not gonna get irritated @all. he who laughs last, laughs best! i think im floating.. felt like falling in love all over again. get it? whn u get so excited 2go on a date. something like dat.. ok, fine.. since i cant reli describe my feelings today, how abt i ramble n boast all abt it in my nx post? cz im sure i hv lots of things 2say aftr i got back. hehe!


another wish

morning everyone!! im so so so excited today.. I'll be posting on y im so excited later. i need to finish some errands first, so i'll write a quick birthday wish to none other than my dear fren..


I would also like to wish :


did u know dat, spongebob made its debut on Nickelodeon somewhr in July 1999? i didnt! i read abt it yesterday.. hehe! ok, ive got works 2do. i'll post some more whn im less busy. im so gonna share my excitement with u!!!

p/s : EINA, how's birthday celeb as a wife? (>.<) love ya!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

d tag again

Yep.. Yep.. another tag i found while blog hopping.. Anyhow, here are the ABC’s of me:

A - Age: sweet sweet 16.. im my dreams! gonna b 27 dis year.

B - Bed size: Queen

C - Chore you hate: clean up durian-stained plates.. i try very very hard to avoid it.

D - Dog's name: never hv one, n dont plan 2hv one

E - Essential start your day item: shower

F - Favorite color: red

G - Gold or Silver: how bout silver plated gold?? hehe

H - Height: i hate dis! not even 5' but close

I - Instruments you play(ed) : rebana for dikir, kompang and gamelan (>.<) i wish i cld play harp or something!

J - Job title: I.R.O

K - Kid(s): none

L – Lick or bite: lick? wait.. bite. no! lick! wait.. wht r we talking abt again actually??

M - Mom's name: Hjh Norhayati

N - Nicknames: B @ Boddah

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: cyst removal (2yrs old) and thyroid gland removal operation (2001)

P - Pet Peeve: When they r lazy n too fat n peeved!

Q - Quote from a movie: 'Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering' by Master Yoda, Star Wars!

R - Right or left handed: Right.

S - Siblings: 1 Older sis, a twin sis, lil sis (not in size) n lil bro (not in size again)

T - Time you wake up: 5.30-ish ( i snoozed a cple of time)

U- Underwear: yes? im wearing them.. wht's d point?

V - Vegetable you dislike: i love veggies

W - Ways you drink your coffee: thanks but no thanks! no coffee for me.

X - X-rays you've had: hip (i sprained it during some freakin hockey game), chest (medical check up) n wrist (sprained during mount kinabalu climb. wierdly funny..)

Y - Yummy food you like: so many!

Z - Zoo favorite : erk?? im not sure..

to send my birthday wish

hi everyone.. jz got back in ofc. had 2b n MC dis morning 4some programme. such a great insight. cz usually i had 2b d MC 4an opening ceremony and such, dis time 4some briefing. so, i get 2kill 2birds w one stone. got valuable info. me likey! neway, today, dont have much 2say. but i take dis opportunity 2wish :


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the first entry in Malay - in conjunction w d abolishment of PPSMI

Dis will b my 1st entry in BM. No, im not some spoil brat who dislikes BM n thinks she's so good dat she dont want 2 write in BM. Yes, i can prefectly converse in BM, but i dont entirely admit dat i speak 100% BM cz there'll b at least 1 English word blurted somewhr in my sentence. 4d time b'g, its not a crime 2do so, therefore, i think u can tolerate it s well. neway, here's my BM entry; a tag i found wit d rule of "BM sahaja"


Bekas kekasih saya adalah :
Johnny Depp! saya tinggalkan dia sbb tjumpa soulmate.. (alamak, soulmate in BM pe?)

Saya sedang mendengar :
Bunyi wan (budak lelaki pejabat @ofc boy) menaip alamat pada sampul surat

Mungkin saya patut:
makan lebih banyak lg dr sekarang

Saya suka :

Sahabat-sahabat baik saya :
sangat hebat!

Saya tak paham :
kenapa ronaldo bodoh sangat.

Saya kehilangan :
berat badan

Ramai yang berkata :
saya patut bersyukur menjadi kurus. apa? dorang tak paham ke? macam mana dorang nak kurangkan berat badan, macam tu jugakla saya nak tambah berat badan..

Makna nama saya :
cahaya kelembutan.. (sungguh tak macam saya.. hihi)

Cinta itu adalah :
macam yg saya rasa sejak kawen ngan soulmate la. (memang tak cuba amik kamus tgk apa 'soulmate' dlm BM, jd akn terus guna 'soulmate')

Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang :
buang air besar

Saya akan cuba :
untuk tidak keluarkan isi perut dan tekak bila orang makan durian depan saya

Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud :
sampai bila-bila

Telefon bimbit saya :
sungguh mencabar dan menguji kesabaran saya

Bila saya terjaga dari tidur :
saya terus tutup alarm telefon bimbit sambil berharap saya tak perlu pergi kerja (alarm apa??)

Saya paling meluat apabila :
tgk pompuan mengada-ngada dan gedik

Pesta/Parti adalah :
yang ada banyak orang yg takde kerja

Haiwan yang paling comel yang saya pernah temui ialah :
hamster kesayangan saya (alamak! hamster apa da??)

Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah :
0 - 5 tahun

Hari ini :
saya makan roti canai garing kari sardin kat faris maju. sedap tak hengat!

Malam ini saya akan :

Esok pula saya akan :
kena audit lagi. cepatla hari jumaat.. saya nak tgk man u!!!

Saya betul-betul inginkan :
1juta ringgit! ada sesapa nak bagi tak?

Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini :
saya tak terkejut pun sebab dah hari2 tgk. sib baik soulmate tak perlu tgk saya bangun pagi sebab biasanya dia memang tak balik keja lagi waktu saya bangun pagi. marvellous kan? hihi! (ok, tak dapat translate 'marvellous'. mintak maap)

Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan :
hanya mengujakan bila ada duit, tp bila tiba ke tempat tu, tak nak pun membeli!

Makanan Barat atau Jepun :

Bilik yang terang atau gelap:
Gelap tp tak gelap sangat la..

Makanan segera adalah :
cepat dimasak, kadang2 sedap dimakan, tp kalo dah sejuk memang tak sedap langsung!

Ayat terakhir yang anda katakan pada seseorang :
"kenapa tanya?"


Apakah perasaan anda sekarang?
malas (itu perasaan ke? cam bukan je.. apa-apa lah..)

Saya nak makan?
spaghetti makanan laut bersos krim (ntah btol tak terjemahan neh) kat midvalley

Saya tak suka?
seorang pompuan yg suka dok bertenggek kat kerani depan tu sambil mengomel2 macam dia saja yang buat kerja dalam dunia neh.. kesian kerani kat depan tu.. terpaksa je dengar ngomelan dia.

Impian saya?
mahu gembirakan soulmate saya (takkan terjemahkan 'soulmate')

Haiwan yang saya tak suka?
2jenis yang haram disentuh itu dan juga CICAK!!!!

Saya harapkan?
supaya gaji saya dinaikkan penuh dan dapat bonus sekurang2nya 2bulan penuh tahun ini. (tak akan berlaku, sudah pasti)

Saya pada 10 tahun akan datang?
masih digilai oleh soulmate harapnye

Telefon bimbit saya adalah sebuah?
telefon bimbit la! apa lagi? aduyai!!

Saya pernah bercinta sebanyak?
tak penting. yang penting saya sedang bercinta dengan soulmate.. hihi!

Kawan-kawan saya?
suma lebih kurang saya perangainye.

Apa yang hendak anda lakukan terhadap orang yang mengkhianati anda?
tak buat apa. lagi sakit hati kan? bila kita buat cam orang tu tak wujud je.

Siapa yang ingin anda tag?
nadiatul izma mohd hamdan. pastu, saya tag shareenayanti razi supaya dia letak kat dlm FB dia. (pastu eina, ko tag si irma kat FB gak.. hihi)

Friday, July 10, 2009

the photos @ Eina's wedding

Alrite.. here's d photo's of us (4S91614), @Eina's wedding @Hilton, PJ which i promised 2upload.

Pic 1 : w d stunning bride, Eina

Pic 2 : w Nad who lives in Malacca, but is alwiz d organiser 4 our gath here in KL

Pic 3 : w Oem. finally, i got 2 meet her bf!

Pic 4 : w Irma Hasmie. she insisted i took anothr pic cz she said she looks 'big' in d 1st pic. (memandai je la ko irma!) n yep, she ws on d phone w mr bf (>.<)
Pic 5 : w Dr Fuzzy

Pic 6 : w Fara cute

Pic 7 : w Iena

Pic 8 : w Oja (n her son baby Hafiy),whom i had a gud laugh w dat night!

so dats d pics i hv. soulmate snapped a group photo but unfortunately it ws not auto saved 2his phone, so i dont hv our group photo w both d bride+groom. More pics can b found @Nad's blog

Thursday, July 9, 2009

the wierd thing abt man n woman

i ws listen'g 2 d radio (HITZ.FM of course) sum time ago n they were debating on 'can man n woman b bestfrens?'. hence, here come dis post. i alwiz wonder y cant a guy n a lady b bestfrens? it'll nva hppen (im not sure if its generally, bt @least 2me, it nva will take plc) even if u could (minimal cases), ppl will start 2 assume differently. they'll say thr's some hanky panky goin' on sumwhr. n im talkg abt real bestfrens. like i'll-get-ur-back bestfren; i'll-b-around-whn-u-need-me bestfren; i'll-be-blunt-honest bestfren; i-can-say-all-abt-d-person-im-hvg-a-crush-w-n-u'll-help-me-2stalk-him bestfren.. u cant get it if u'r frm diff gender.

i've tried.


didnt work!

1st fren hd a gf, bt dat dont stop him frm b'g jealous if sum1 wants my hp no. 2nd fren tot i ws hv'g a crush on him. 3rd maniac ws a psycho who ws a very immature boy bt thinks he's a macho man dat can snatch me frm soulmate. [thank GOD dat's all in d past, though im still (barely) in touch w no.2, *definitely NOT no.3* bt jz s frens nw]

i told soulmate once, dat whn a gal said 'best frens' they reli do mean best frens. (@least 2me n meme; my twin). thr's dis big line dat d said best fren cant cross, dat is heart feeling. we've 'technically' agreed 2 b best frens, so y cant u b honest? y must u hv some othr freakin intention othr than b'g a fren? soulmate ws thr whn no.3 turned frm fren 2maniac. soulmate said i lead him 2hs b'g. in d end we conclude dat no.3 ws seriusly deluded! bt all im say'g is dat, we woman stick 2our principle - its either best fren or bf. if u were my best fren, no chance in hell cld u b my bf. we drew d line w thick coated paint, layers aftr layers. so stop developing childish crush on us. i've already screamed 2 ur ears how i missed my bf, i love him dearly n i wanna marry him; y do u think u can snatch me frm him? odd isnt it? or myb u'r just plain stupid. yes, myb i invited u 4 drink, or a bowling game, or 2an event; but i dont want 2date u! n in case u didnt notice, i also invited 325 othr frens along! jz bcoz u got my sms reply whn my bf ws too busy n cant entertain me (whn we were dating soulmate alwiz said, 'b practical' whn i wanted his undying attention bt he ws busy), it doesnt mean im already leaving my adorable bf. i ws just bored. get it? bored! not hinting u dat im ditchg my bf, ok??

soulmate also questioned me, hw can i tot dat it cld work out (man + woman b bestfrens). well, frm my shallow knwledge n innocent b'g, of course i initially tot i cld. bcz i trust myself not 2 cross d line. its jz un4tunate dat some ppl dont try not 2cross it. n whn i askd soulmate y does he think it cant work out? his answer ws; "well it can.. provided dat d said best fren is not a gorgeous babe". well, he got a point thr.. (im ending dis post here cz i would like 2 believe im reli a gorgeous babe.. in my dreams!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the number 8

ok, 8 is not my fav num. i love 11. its been my fav num since i was born! (>.<) i wore num 11 whn i ws in d hockey team, i once had an operation on 11.11.01, @11am (no, im not kidding!), whn soulmate asked on scale of 1 - 10, how much do i love him, my answer's 11. but whn i ws blog hopping (yep, im @my desk @d ofc. SO??), i bumped into dis new 'things' tag n im tempted to post it since i dont knw wht 2 rite 2day. so, here it goes :

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. starting a family (Owh please.. In d future, people. No announcements 2day. no need 2get xcited)

2. d man utd asia tour next week!!!! im so going 2 d training session!

3. to meet soulmate aftr work.

4. to watch 'the proposal'. its been a while since i last went on a date w soulmate n watch movie 2gether. so, we've been planning dis post-wedding-date (>.<) 5. to meet ryan giggs!! gosh! i cant wait! 6. to take a long vacation for real; which i dont knw when. (yep, d month long wedding vacation ws NOT a vacation)

7. spring cleaning aftr soulmate left to work dis evening.

8. tomorrow n friday cz soulmate is not working!

8 Things I i did yesterday

1. went to work

2. read K. Mimi's n Nad's blog

3. gawk at my wedding ring.. hehe!

4. let my ofcmates see my wedding photo album

5. drafted dis tag

6. watched MJ's funeral (well, not really.. i dozed off almost instantly aftr i land infront of d tv)

7. share funny stories w k.Ina(my ofcmate) on my sms-es w sum frens

8. goss w d 4S91614 thru email

8 Things I Wish I could do

1. slap ronaldo very, very hard on his face and kick him in his butt, then send his to bernabeu, badly injured aftr i double kicked his shin n ran over his legs w my car over n over again. (no offence, i dont hate him cz i want him 2stay @man utd ~who needs a whiner? n diver?~, i hate him cz he does not hv a 'man utd @heart' spirit. gold digger!)

2. play an out of ordinary instrument, mybe a harp or anythg cool

3. stop paying bills

4. shout "(___d name___) u'r fired!" @sum1 jz like Donald Trump does (un4tunately, im not d boss..)

5. cook like Jamie Oliver does and feed it to soulmate

6. tell my boss to double my paycheck

7. b a multi billionaire, buy man utd, then buy ribery n all d players worth buyg specially d midfielders.. (yes, not millionaire, BILLIONAIRE, cz u need 2hv billions of money these days 2 buy all d gold digging european clubs futbol player..)

8. look like a princess everytime i wake up every morning so i can appear gorgeous in front of soulmate

8 Shows I Watch

Darn! i dont watch tv all dat much..

1. the biggest loser. (though soulmate dont approve dis. he said wht's d point of me watching it? i shld b watchg some 'biggest gainer' series or sumthg. i wish!)

2. Astro Super Sport (whn man utd's playg)*

3. ESPN (whn man utd's playg)*

4. Star Sports (whn man utd's playg)* - [*dis got me 2a conversation w soulmate: ]

soulmate : babe, u dont watch futbol dat much. u only watch man utd

me : yes. cz othr teams r not worth watchg. since i dont support thm y shld i watch thm? (their fans can do dat. i'll watch whn they r playg against man utd. besides i get sleepy whn i see othr team plays)

5. sorry, i'll stop @4 cz i seriusly dont knw wht else dat i watch




Monday, July 6, 2009

the comeback! >.<

Hi everyone! (as if..)

I am finally back @d ofc. I've been away frm dis radar cz i ws involved w d international seminar we r having @a hotel in Shah Alam. 1 week straight.. Lemme think.. owh yes!! i 4got.. i got busy since d weekend before!

k, on saturday, adorable soulmate n i went out 2buy pressie 4a fren ~audrey~ (hehe! dat's a nick name.. we named ourselves referring 2d tv series jack n jill), gud fren of mine when i ws in uni (doing diploma). since we r close frens, we hv our wishlist dat we notified each othr so we'll get sumthng which we need 2start our married life. so, she hs already told me wht she wanted. bt whn soulmate n i went 2 d shop, soulmate suggested a better pressie which costs abt d same s wht i tot i'd buy 4audrey. so i called audrey; who ws just finished d solemnisation event; 2let her know dat im changing d pressie n assured her dat wht im giving will b much more appropriate. of course, i hv a brilliant soulmate, hence its a great pressie! hehe! so, i got back n wrapped all 3 pressies (1 4audrey, 1 4anothr fren, n 1 4hubby's fren); n prepared 4 d evening's wedding of anothr gud gud fren, Eina!

so, Eina's wedding dat evening ws @Hilton PJ. Got to meet her bubbly sister, Eiha (who i spent sum minimal bt enjoyable time with, whn i ws in Sabah) n most importantly, 4S91614!! i got a seat bside Oja n we were hv'g rocking laughs d whole time, beginning frm d 'FYI, ayam ni boleh makan ngn sos' announcement made by d waitress! (as if we dont knw hw 2eat d chicken!) as wht i alwiz did aftr our gath, i took a snap of photo with everyone who came 4a momento. i'll try 2upload it soonest possible. all in all, it ws a great wedding n im so hepi 2 b able 2 meet them!

on sunday, i actually hv 3weddings 2attend. bt only managed 2go to 2 of it. Were extremely guilty 4not being able 2 attend Rezan's wedding (anothr mmbr of 4S91614) 1st, soulmate n i went 2 audrey's wedding. i bumped in2 anothr fren (technically, it ws soulmate who saw her), anne; who ws my schoolmate n also went 2do our diploma 2gether. soulmate n i got out of touch w anne n we hd been tryg 2get her contact details so we cld invite her 4our wedding but 2no avail. it ws unfortunate dat i met her aftr my wedding n she ws a bit furious i shld say whn she found out dat soulmate n i are actually married! bt all went well, now dat we hv each othr's contact number n we r living nearby, we'll go out sum time soon whn we'r free. then met audrey, didnt manage 2 get a photo cz we were rushing 4anothr wedding. frm audrey's wedding, we went 2soulmate's fren's wedding n drop by @hs parents hse. All i can say is dat, its a wedding week n we were stuffed w d most number of nasi minyak ever!

frm Monday 2 Friday, event ws hectic! we were organising dis i'ntl seminar @a hotel in Shah Alam, i ws d master of ceremony 4 d event. its a gud thing though i finally got 2 meet most of d ppl whom ive been emailing with but hv never seen them face 2 face b4 cz they r frm anothr country. even 1 of them (frm d new delhi ofc) mentioned in the closing speech, "I've been speaking w *Miss B 4so many years, bt dis is d 1st time i met *Miss B, i didnt expect her 2b so delicate n fragile". she did mentioned 2 me dat she ws expecting a taller, n bigger size *Miss B, rather than a petite 1.
We had a dinner event on Wednesday night @d event venue n thursday @Seri Melayu KL. On Friday, we brought d participants 4a study visit in KL, Seremban n sight seeing @Putrajaya. Sum = TIRING!!

Saturday ws great! It ws soulmate's idea 2invite my family 2his family's kem herba. He said i shld invite my family 4durian's feast since its d season now. initially, i didnt agree cz i dont think its appropriate 4us 2show up @his family's camp jz 2whallup d durians,(especially whn i dont eat d food, b it d king of food or not!) bt soulmate suggested we hv a bbq n such, n bcz i didnt really hv concrete reason not 2inform my family, i went along with his interesting suggestion. so we went back 2Langat last saturday, went 2 c my mom n sisters in law+K. Long, not long after dat my family arrived. yana (my sis's 1 n only daughter) went in2 d river in no time! soulmate n abg chik (his brother) prepared d bbq plc, so we hd our picnic, my uncle got 2 eat his fav durian with all hs 3sons n all d men got a tour around d camp complete with a briefing frm my father in law. All in all, soulmate is brilliant 4coming up w d suggestion cz its been a long time since my family hd our last picnic. bt unfortunately we had to go back a bit early cz soulmate had 2work dat night.

Sunday (yesterday), i went 2an assessment 4a job ive been applying since 2007. i've went 2 d same assessment twice b4 n i basically knw wht 2expect frm it. considering d fact dat i didnt exercise @all 4 nearly a year, i think i didnt do so badly 4d fitness test ystrday. bt 2day is like a 'hangover', excrutiating pain all over my limbs! they asked us 2do freakin 30 times jumping jack(it ws counted as 1,2,3 - 1; 1,2,3 - 2; 1,2,3 - 3; ....); 30 lompat bintangs (i dont knw hw 2 describe dis part. bt u begin in a squat position n u hv 2 jump s high with legs n hands widely apart like a 'star'); 20 pumpings on d road (yup, tar!) n a short distance sprint. i almost passed out thr n then bt manage 2 barely stand on both of my feets 2end d day. n it ws a surprise dat i still can drive home, alhamdulillah, safely, without any injury n without any cramps! thank GOD!

today, im still in pain, my arms hurts bcz of d pumping we did, n my legs r wobbly.. n of course, im so very lazy cz its been a week being away frm ofc, n i dont like 2 c d piles of memos n works on my 'in' tray. myb i'll start aftr dis. its already half day n considering dis morning i ws in a meeting. hw unproductive! i reli shld go!