Thursday, February 26, 2009

the earth hour - lets show our support!

Now, im feeling 'green' today.. hehe.. my blog is almost always about my love life, but i got some inspiration today. i always thought i wanted to be more giving and be more caring towards the environment. but i do not want to be so obsessed with it that i had to walk to work and stuffs. some environmentalist are just too 'orthodox', i dont wanna be them. i just want to be more aware about the situation, and maybe help out whenever and where ever i can to make the world cleaner and greener.

I took a class when i was in Uni, we had to choose one, among various topics on international environmental situation. We chose climate change as my group's topic. So, every 2 weeks we had to give out presentation on the topic we chose in our most creative way, must be very different from typical paper presentation. so, it was challenging every time, since every group took so much effort in giving out applaudable and memorable presentation, and of course, the presentation must be very informative that everyone in the class can actually relate to it and understand it. once we were discussing on kyoto protocols (it would be a flop if we are talking about climate change and global warming without mentioning and understanding it), so i was actually acting as an Australian Minister who of course are against signing of the document. I was having such a hard time actually, trying to get information to defend 'myself' in order to get in character. because believe it or not, actually the world do care and really want countries to support the document, that there is more information on global warming than global cooling (yes, there is such thing as global cooling). and that made me realize, i shouldnt be as ignorant as i was before i took the class. but, while some people might think im civic minded because im very strict about not throwing out rubbish outside the window of a moving car, i consider it as my responsibility for the environment. yeah, u might not believe it, but its true.

some people might think that one people's effort will not make a difference. (sadly, my mom is one of them). but, actually, if no one took the effort, who will? Malaysians are not participating enough on green issues. Our green NGOs are not as famous as other countries' are. We have to depend on celebrities to do so, and most of them are as much ignorant as i was. Maya Karin was an exception of course, her wedding was also an effort towards greener reception. (well no, im afraid, my wedding will not be like that) i read NST yesterday. Malaysian celebs (minimal number of them) are volunteering in the efforts towards promoting the earth hour. and to my amazement, Petronas Twin Tower is yet to join the effort while other global landmarks has all stood in darkness for an hour during earth hour since 2007, and they are still in operation up until today. Because im not so sure what is the relation between safety and lights out? (if you read NST yesterday, you would understand what im saying). we are not asking you to drive without turning the light (duhh!!) there are so many ways to turn off the lights. we can still watch tv without switching on the light. it will be better if we dont watch it at all for the one hour. after all, its just an hour. what's there to watch on 8.30pm - 9.30pm anyways? (from the words of someone - yours truly - who rarely watches tv, except for football matches featuring MAN UTD and the news bulletin) .

anyway, i would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to sign up and 'vote' for earth. by turning the lights out on earth hour, we are voting the earth and if you dont, you are voting for global warming. think of it as the current political situation =) [earth = your chosen political party, global warming = the party you will not cross in the ballot box] please visit for more information and to register and also support the earth hour, March 28th, 8.30pm - 9.30pm. VOTE EARTH!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the glee!!

ok, ive been away from this radar for so so long! ive been busy, but not so. (confusing, eh?) yesterday i was attending a seminar. It was a cool, mind opening one that is so inspiring. It made me wonder how much effort have i throw in for my job, especially the fact that i have so much to offer! (as if!) neway, i met a Chinese guy, kinda old, looking professor-like or maybe a corporate businessman should i say. Well, after registration we were treated for a welcome drink and i was standing alone, minding my own business, drinking and needing some space after a few attempts of making business contacts with almost everyone i could see. But, since the table where i put my drink was the only available table left, this guy had to join me since he was holding a plate with some kind of crispy pancake. we chatted for a while, i was a bit surprised to know someone actually know my company when i mentioned it, because most of the time, people just got confused with another company and assume we have to do with outer space project or something. later he asked me, "what do you think about the current political situation?" and i was like, "hmm.. well, messed up?" and he totally agreed laughingly saying messed up is the right word to describe it.

actually yes, its kinda messed up, dont u think? all these while, we knew politics is a dirty (and almost usually, personal) agenda. we kinda know some people maybe doing some hanky panky if ever they were in possession of power. its a common understanding but its hidden somewhere, and we talked about it just for a bit. but recent situation is somewhat different. its so clear, crystal clear in fact, and people (and i mean people as in - rakyat) can straight away know where it went wrong, how, who did wrong and such. its out in the open. and its way much dirtier than before. last time it was peanut, this time its a bomb! wait a sec! since when my blog has turn into political debate as a topic?? now thats a wonder.

ok, back to reality.. the reason im so happy is because, today marks the day where in 2 months time, i'll be Mrs A!!! and yesterday, i went to pick up my wedding card which was ready earlier this week. my mom when she looked at the card said that only then, when the card is right there in front of her eyes, that she felt the wedding is around the corner! and me? i go super duper excited! but, i still have more things to do. just 2 months from now, i still havent settle my application form and videographer.. gosh.. and ooh! my wedding dress! i still have not send the design to my 'wedding planner'. and gosh.. im going panicky! i need to go! till next post!