Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the new year

Omigosh! Its already new year (as if it matters...) well, nothing's changed. its a new year, so?

ok, but the truth is, i kinda get panicky dis morning. a gud fren (Fae) called. Our meeting is somehow overdue.. So, its an appointment call to set out next girls-only-club meeting sometime next week =) besides the fact that she drop a huge bombshell of snatching a new boyfren, she reminded me of another member of the girls-only-club's (Ayu's) birthday. So, i was like : "f*ck Fae, i forgot. Thanks!" so i sent sms to ayu, wishing her hepi bday. and initially i wrote 'hepi 26th bday'. then i tot, 'wait a min.. its 2009, dat must make her 27 dis year. ok, 27. wait, 27?? meaning im 27 too??'

Gosh!! im 27? dats like.. ANCIENT! omigosh! what have i done all dis while? i did some mental checklist. ok.. hmm.. * graduate with flying colors - checked! * get a job - checked! * get my own car - checked! * great boyfren - hmm.. checked with a broad smile! * get marry - half checked! * ok.. dats enough.. i think im still doing ok. i'll survive.

but im 27? Yeah, u can say whats to worry, its just numbers. But its not JUST numbers. It’s THE number. My biological clock is definitely ticking and its pointing like.. where? Gosh! I need to calm down. Or else I’ll end up in a comatose under my bed for the whole year.. but I managed to also trigger an alarm to my officemate (k. Ina). She also went panicky cz her fren got pregnant recently. Well, what does she has to worry about? She already have 2 daughters. She should just let me do the panicking!