Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the mundane blabber..

Life has actually been pretty good for me.. that's what the doa selamat was for. I got every comments about me getting married n that sort of stuffs once i gave the invitation; even when ive told everyone its just a doa selamat. nope.. not yet. at least not now (it takes two, remember?).

btw, as i said, life has been great. 2007 has been a very good and prosperous year. Since early this year, i was showered with a lot of blessings. It was never mediocre endowments, it was alwiz something distinctively better
(at least from my point of view... i think from others' as well =p ). i cant help but to feel proud of myself. and thankful dat i have all the love and support ive ever needed from everyone that matters to me most (parents and d ever dearest love of my life.. and a great mentor as well). i had the greatest motivation, driven with passion of making the best and be the best. i believe im destined to be one. i was kiasu in its own meaning. and i still am.. i had this principle * don't bother with what's after A-, just strive for an A, never lower * its a strange feeling when people know u and when they think highly of u. even weirder becoz uv never been one of that circle before; coz u were the one that alwiz did the gawking. trust me, its very, very, very weird.

even better, i climbed Mount Kinabalu mid this year. Who would've tot i had the nerve to do it? i even tot i couldn't make it. It was a tiring journey. but it was worth every effort.
(just like my 3 years of studying for a degree) the view, the feeling, the triumph! now, everytime i felt like i cant do something, i'd think of my mount kinabalu experience, and its the greatest drive for me to move and do everything, coz i know i can.

and i got a job.
(yes, the 4 languages interview job). i had other job in mind. even my boss know that coz i told them (he and other interviewers) during the interview that ive registered for some other job before i even applied for my current post. n now, after going-to-be-5 months working here, i enjoyed it. a lot. becoz its so me. hahah..

n then there was my graduation.. the bittersweet graduation. another great prize for this year. and such a memorable day. the best ever!
(i wish amir was there coz it'll be even better.. the 'bestest') nothing can top that. (my wedding day will be an exception) hehehe.. n owh yes, i turn quarter of century this year. but i dont look like one, so im happy. hahah!

its already december. reminiscing the whole year for 2007 definitely brought a smile to my face. its definitely unforgettable..

Friday, November 9, 2007

the long wait..

at last.. it was something iv been anticipating for i dont know how long. and it finally happened. there were too many things in my head before; prior to it. but when its rite in front of me, i felt 'ktulu'. or maybe not really 'ktulu' in its real sense, maybe its a mistake. no, maybe im not suppose to do it yet. or maybe it was the ambience. maybe.. maybe.. maybe.. there's too many maybes now.. it made me realize that i was not really 'invited'. i was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and definitely created the wrong impression. its not really something i expected. there was never a time when i felt so out of place like it. i felt like i was some kind of pest. a fly better. where people are just trying to get rid of u since u r so pesky. i wanna so forget that it ever happened. except some part of it =) its ok if u dont know what im rambling about. bcz i dont think anyone knows what ever thing im saying anyway. that's the purpose. for me to ponder, for u to wonder..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

the launch

when i thought im gonna start something new, ends up im 'putting it on hold' instead. look at my blog.. its a beginning. yet i havent been writing since my last post in July. but im determined that im gonna fully utilize this blog no matter how long the gap is for each posts. btw, life has been great all this while. got the job where my lousy 4 languages background was put to the test. and im loving every second of it. i gained a lot here. being around a bunch of helpful people. expectations are quite high from my point of view. and also low expectation from those people who were a bit shocked when they came to learn that i dont have any relevant job experience (unless kindy teacher counts). but who cares.. mybe they do. i dont =)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

the entrance

rite, i finally made up my mind and did the thing i really thought i shouldn't be doing.
i made my mind on: creating dis blog
thing i shouldnt be doing: creating dis blog
y do i came up with dis? ok, last week i went for a job interview (im graduating dis sept, unemployed and searching for a decent job-i'll post something on dis topic some time) after barely made it look so well even after my crappy 4 languages answers, one of the four interviewers asked me,
I/viewer : how's ur IT?
Me : i can assure you its good
I/viewer : u good with internet?
Me : yes, no prob with dat.
I/viewer : U do internet search?
Me : Yes, 6 years in the uni, and using the web since my high school years, I am quite familiar with internet search.
I/viewer : ok, do u have email, cz if u do, dat means u do go online
Me : Yes, i do, several of them and infact i sent my application here through email.
I/viewer: do you have blog?
Me : No, i dont have blog.. (Sh*t!)
there you go! well, i wondered though, r u being rated as IT savvy only if u owned one? blogs i mean.. n if u didnt? i thought IT savvy should b on IT stuffs, like ur computer literacy, programmes or software u r familiar with. but blogs? anyway, dat explains y i made my mind on dis.
now, on why i thought i shouldnt b doing dis.. ok, i did create my own blog a few years back, but i didnt commit to it. n dats always d reason y i dont wanna have a blog. but after much thought, who cares if i didnt commit to it? if i wanna rite, i'll rite, if i cant, i just leave it as dat. n its up to me anyway.. in fact what ever im posting revolves around me. i think d only person who'd like to know my whereabouts would be my boyfren (my lovely 'mr boddah'). so, i came to d conclusion, just have one. if in a few months i wont be posting anything anymore, than so be it. but for d time being, since iv got nothing 2do other than wait for the results of my interviews, i'll be posting some boring stuffs here.. its d entry of my life's twisted tales..