Thursday, November 26, 2009

the wheel of fortune?

wow! i seriusly am very much neglecting dis arena of blog-g. not dat i dont wanna rite, i jz hv 2hv ample time 2blog. neway.. ive been a bee dis past few weeks (shall i say month?), since after raya 2b exact.

i initially didnt realize dat i ws on d perimeter of endless workloads until i checked my calendar 2book my flight 2singapore 4a meeting. of course i knw dat i ws suppose 2go 2singapore b4 raya, only then i didnt realize dat it ws so soon aftr my raya break. n thr ws a dinner event i hd 2organise 4a regional committee dat ws hvg a meetg here in KL, since it ws somewht n international (regional) event, d minister obviously hv 2make an appearance. it ws hectic, cnsiderg i dont hv a staff undr me, i hd 2manage on my own. hence, i went 2singapore a week b4 d dinner, bt wishg dat i ws back @d ofc 2sort all d invitations, n mentally do'g all d check lists. nerve wrecking! it went thru smoothly bt i wish dat i had time 2breathe. d same week i ws scheduled 2go 2singapore, my sis in-law, k. Busrah ws admitted 2hosp 4 an operation. i ws hoping dat i cld visit her more than once, bt freak'g workloads didnt permit me 2even go back on time. hated it!

somewhr along d way, i alwiz said dat whn all d bosses hv gone 2 geneva, i'll hv time 4myself. cnsiderg dat i hd 2work even on weekends, i ws somewht lookg 4wd 2november whn d geneva event starts. bt a few days aftr d dinner event, i ws strucked numb whn i ws told dat i hv 2also go 2geneva. dpt g singapore company hntr pn dh ckup bgus. bt geneva? walauwei!! dat ws very last minute cz d arrangements 4 it ws done since end of september. altho i alwiz joked w d bosses abt me go'g with them, bt whn it ws final, i ws a bit apprehensive. n 2leave soulmate 4 8days seems somewht unnatural 4me. i ws not worried abt him, he is sure 2manage on hs own; it ws more myself dat i ws worried of! ngeeehee! (yes, yes, i cried ms dh dkt2 nk gi tu.. soulmate relax je tp.. hmpeh.. tak sensitif btol.. suka kot soulmate?) n since i ws informed only a week b4 d event, it ws a bit stressful, i didnt hv much time 2prepare 4myself. i hd filings 4 d bosses, their schedules 2prepare n sort everythg while i had 2leave own preparation @d last painful minutes!

nw, me go'g 2europe is definitely a far-fetched idea. i cld only wished it bt i didnt realize dat it cld reli come true. of course i alwiz scretly dream of go'g 2OT. bt elsewhr? hmm.. in my dreams! (eh, brp byk dreams da?). yups, some of u dont even hv 2dream of it. pero, para mi? hello? psg angan2 pn dh ckup bagus dh.. d fact dat i didnt like abt d trip ws d enduring journey. haih! kematu le dok dlm flite! we hd 2transit in amsterdam, took us (thr were arnd than 30 of us) more thn 11hours 2 reach thr. aduyai.. smpi hbs batt main psp, tido bgn blk, bc buku crite, ulg alik toilet, pn tak smpi2! i think i've 2post anthr topic on d geneva trip alone. so much 2tell! n i hv pending works waiting 4me.. neway, wht i ws tryg 2tell is d fact dat its ws a very wierd experience. it is expected of me 2 travel cnsiderg its undr my job spec, bt it hs been a vague idea all along cz it neva hpend b4. time blom kawen, takde pn. n i ws alwiz cmplaining ms tu cz i felt wht do my company need n i'nat'l liaison exec 4, if i dont evn get 2trvel, only arrange ppl 2go overseas? i even wrote 2my boss, in my evaluation form, a suggestion 2send me 2i'nt'l meetings. whn it reli hpen, it truly dawn on me dat its real. rezeki dh kawen kot? tp pelik ttp pelik. tu la, careful wht u wish 4, u might jz get it. time dh kawen, nk g memana pn berat hati. sib baik la soulmate ku baik hati mberi keizinan+memahami bini nye prlu travel. k, dh ckup lama curi tulang.. nnt nk upload gmbr kt geneva.. it ws early winter.. so i get 2 make use of my long john n mafella yg dh berabuk psl dh lama tak guna.. ehehe.. soon, i'll post d pics. cant promise its sooner then later..