Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the trip to geneva

corny isnt it? i mean d fact dat it ws a week ago n i made it sound as if its some 'bsuka-ria holiday' trip, whn in truth its far frm it, bt more of a work / business trip. =)

neway, im gonna yack abt my geneva trip. ya, go on n yawn! its boring. bt s much s i hate d fact dat i had 2work whn i ws thr, bt im glad dat i hd d chance 2step my foot in anothr country without hvg 2pay 4it. ehehe! so, as @now, d continent ive never been to is d one across d pacific ocean (considering dat d nx meeting in 2011 is go'g 2b in mexico, lets make a wish! *hint! hint!) n africa.. hmm.. eh.. apa da?? berangan byk sgt!

ok, it ws n 8days trip including trvlg time. basically it ws an all day meeting 4 4days straight. we (around 30of us) arrived on monday morning n hd a chance 4a city tour aftr we checked in 2 our hotel. its geneva, not much 2c though. d famous Jet d' Eau wsnt workg (yep, they'l close it whn temperature's below 2deg), n d flower clock ws rite @d road side. othr than d spooky (but gorgeous) building structures, d only consolation is d fact dat i got 2go n see d one plc ive longed 2work @, d UN's building..

overjoyed me 2hv finally reached here. i wish my ofc is inside d building, somewhr.. i dont even mind if its a small cubicle.. *sigh!

overlookg lake (more d size of n ocean) geneva

then, days after dat ws spent coming in n out of meetings! no more fun! bt gud thg abt it ws dat i got 2meet those ppl who ive been contactg with bt hv never met in person b4. since i do all d liaising, i ws glad 2finally got a chance 2meet d real person ive been talkg on d phone with n emailing 4some gud laugh with.. n @times i do felt some weird feeling of b'g rejected by some stoopyd ppl who judge u 4b'g Asian n Muslim specifically. i thought such Asian / Muslim discrimination ws jz a misconception. since im wear'g head scarf, n our grp r somewht 'colored' ppl, we did experience minor 'mistreatment' @d airport during custom checks n i also felt some discomforting feeling of b'g ignored by a few ppl who i also had a chance 2liaise with b4 (in frenly manner), only they turned out 'cold' in person. so uncanny!

work mode.. got dat complimentary conference bag

posing 4d camera..

switzerland is famous 4 their watches, cuckoo clock, swiss knife n non other than, choc! during 1 of those days, we got a chance 2go n visit a choc factory nearby our hotel. whn we reached thr, we thought they were lying. i mean, it ws more of a cafe, doesnt look like a factory literally.. we almost left d cafe whn some1 invited us 2d back of d cafe n it reli ws a choc factory.. not d willy-wonka-like choc factory though.. it ws only a small one, bt 4some1 who dont like choc, yours truly ws a bit too happy 2go in! clad in an outrageous look'g outfit they gave us 4'protection', it finally made sense 2us dat d plastic poncho-like gear ws 4those who went extra excited tasting d chocs dat they didnt realize it ws dripping 2 their shirt!

i, myself couldnt believe dat i looked dis happy 4some1 who dont like choc.. d cup im holdg ws a creamy liquid choc dat some ppl without realizing smeared their factory gear with while tasting it.. hillarious adult behaviour

some choc designs, with Ita

i ws suppose 2accompany my boss 2a meeting on saturday. we tried to get a late evening flight, (saturday) bt thr ws no business class seat available (definitely NOT for me). so we cld only get a flight 2 kl on sunday. d rest of d group went back on saturday morning itself. by then, i ws alredi miss'g home (read : soulmate. ehehe! benornye, ms nk boarding lg dh rindu!) whn we found out on friday tht d saturday morning meeting ws 2b held aftr d friday event, rasa nk hentak2 kaki je.. nk tukar flight mmg tak dpt la. dh mmg ada event pn kt geneva, flight out mmg full saje. nk msuk waiting list pn tak le. bilik pn dh byr utk sbtu mlm, nk tak nak.,tetap le kena stay smp ahad. jd nye, apakah aktiviti yg patut? ye betul!! bersuka ria mcm holiday le! wht's good is dat, bile dok kt hotel in geneva, kite dpt a pass yg entitle kite utk free usage of public transport in d city.

since using public transport is so very convenient kt geneva, sgt le sesuai nk bjln! kalo la kt msia ni pub transport tip top cm kt situ, confirm la traffic jem tu tak de dlm kamus hidup rkyat msia! its a living proof weh! kt busstop dorg siap ada screen, kite ble tau lg brp minit bas nk smp. ye la, mcm kt komuter station kite, tp biasanye, kt komuter station kite tu dh set cmtu, konon lg 2minit komuter smp, siap blinking lg, tp komuter nye tak nmpk bayang pn.. kt geneva, mcm ada link lak bas ngn screen bus stop. its as if mcm dorg ada device yg ble detect whr's d bus n @wht time they r reachng n it reli is on time! i tried d train juga. frm airport 2 geneva city then jln kaki blk hotel. it ws early winter, bjalan is advisable.. bpeluh pn tak sempat. kt msia pns terik, mati hidup smula org xnk jln kaki! lain la kt kem herba, byk pokok, tepi sungai, nyaman.. (ececeh! promote kem in-law lak!) in fact, org nk g airport, naik bas n naik train pn mmg sgt2 convenient. its only like 10-15mins away frm city centre. airport kite nun kt hujung dunia. kire kalo tourist smp KLia dorg msti tertipu sbb ingt dorg dh smp KL. pdhal, KL jauh lg.. ehehehe!

sesi bjln-jln dan cuba shop'g wlupn tak bkmmpuan.. euro tu babe.. CHF pn lbh kurg rate USD gak..

ni dpn train station

jln2 lg..

dlm bus yg begitu punctual..

ini le isi paperbag oren dlm gmbr di atas.. ehehehe!

so, sunday pg2 msih smpat bjln2. ingt nk gi sight-seeing, tp dr pg hujan tak bhenti.. owh ye, btw, ms kitorang dtg, d 2nd day tu, sunshine all d way.. bila nk blk, hujan tak henti.. c? hw we bring sunshine 2 geneva smp nk blk bumi geneva tu mandi hujan? chet! perasan tak hengat! flight pn pkul 5.30 ptg ke amsterdam. smp amsterdam, cr magnet fridge lg. my boss asik comment ckp i mbazir beli magnet. tp sbnrnye, mmg i nk kumpul fridge magnet. g mana2 i'l search for it. n mesti nk magnet yg ada tulis nama tpt tu.. mcm 'amsterdam' ke or such. yg gmbr2 or yg jenis lain suma tak minat sgt. jd nye, peti ais kt umah telah ada collection utk tpt2 yg pegi thn ni, dr ms honeymoon, smp le latest g geneva. akhrnye, isnin ptg smp airport, soulmate tlh bawa g mkn kt ikea krn dia tau situ tpt fav dan saya sudah merindui mknn sebenar dek kerana tpaksa mkn maggi spnjg di geneva memandangkan nk cr mknn halal (atau murah) adalah satu cbrn di geneva.. jd dpt la saya mkn shrimp salad dgn hati gumbira! pandai soulmate tersayang! soulmate saya ni mmg star! bukan main2, tp mmg dia yg terbaek! esok nye tu telah amik cuti ganti krn penat, dan bila masuk ofc, sungguh tak best keja menimbun! bummer! sekian, terima kasih..