Tuesday, January 8, 2008

the commitment

There u go.. new year.. and together with it comes workloads.. *sigh!* its my 6th month working here. funny thing is, i'd never tot i could get as attached to my work as i am rite now. im enjoying every second of it. my work is all about making connections and being the L.O. and i arrange visits. its cool. its like my dream job! 2 incoming visits and one outgoing (to Japan) this month. cant wait! its a challenge everytime. and its fun.

I remember one thing, (nothing to do with my work) i dont have a new year resolution! come to think of it, im not sure i ever have one. because i'll have a resolution depending on circumstances. its more like a long-term goal. like the time when i was getting my degree; it was mid-year, so its not really a new year resolution (coz i didnt put getting a degree as my resolution at the beginning of the year; rite?) But when i started my first day in uni, i put a 3-years resolution. So, yupsy, my resolution will definitely depends entirely on occasions that im going to face and its usually a long term goal. maybe, getting married should be one of it. or maybe i can put is as my new year resolution! to start doing something which will make me a step (seriously, a step) closer towards matrimony. that reminds me of something. last nite, i had some sort of discussion with my ever dearest 'Mr. Boddah'. i think in the end we agreed, never to discuss about our marriage plan till its time. so, there goes proposed-new-year-resolution down the drain. so here i am again, without a new year resolution.

by the way, iv been surviving without one before, maybe i should stick to my yearly routine (without resolution) and have one when i need one. so matrimony is still on my list. cz its the long term resolution/goal. i could cope with that. cz i know im not getting married this year. so, yes, its my new-couple-of-year resolution! ok, now i feel like a normal human being. *phew!*