Friday, November 14, 2008

the contentment

Its been a while since i last posted anything here.. of course, ive been kept busy up to my sleeves i almost thought i signed up myself for some slavery or something. there's so much things happened since the last post. with the puasa, my be-early birthday treat from my beloved hubby to be, my birthday on raya eve, then raya itself. i'll keep it short as i can to sum it all up..

Puasa - not so much work. but i got myself busy with some business. With the tudung and brooches and also kuih raya. (also another 'business' which i cant confess or i'll end up in jail.. hehe! if i tell u, i'l have to kill u!) so, i got some extra money which helped me to cover the petrol and toll for my balik kampung trip to Kedah. I got no visitors; purposely declined all; since my boss thought we should respect the holy month. Cool.

This year my lovely Mr Boddah, the love of my life, got me 2 birthday presents! U see, i always made him agree not to shower me with lavish gifts and such cz i dont really want to be a spoil gf who empties his bank accounts. But of course, being the sweet bf and soulmate, he always tries to swing it his ways and this year, he successfully got me some presents because im in dire need of it yet, i haven't got it myself. How could i be mad at him for breaking the 'rule' anyway? especially because im in love with him.. so so so much! so, im thankful that he knows when to break the rule. hehe!

my birthday was on raya eve. of course there wasnt any birthday cake; even when my twin and i openly reminded everyone that we wanted secret recipe cake. Because it was our birthday, we got the easiest job - to kupas bawang (usually we have to potong daging to make the cicah ketupat). but of course, it was way 'out of our league' and its so unfair especially that there's more than segantang of pulut left to be made into ketupat. So, yours truly had to join the ketupat making activities because not so many of us got to do it right and left the kupas bawang job to those who dont know how to anyam the ketupat. but we learnt about an instant ketupat and almost instantly the whole team agreed that by next raya, we should just use the instant ketupat (as if they really are going to do that!)

raya was a bittersweet memory. It was the last raya as 'Miss B' because if all turns out well and ALLAH permits, next year im going to be Mrs A =) (yippie!!) and im not sure about my raya celebration next year, so i cried at whatever things i did, thinking it might be the last raya i did this and that, like hugging my mom longer than usual and even went to terawih+smyg raya with her just so i can smyg beside her because im not sure where im going to terawih+smyg raya nx year. yeah.. im a weirdo!

anyway, ystrday was a great day for me. a small gath of our families for some small occasion featuring yours truly of course! it was a nerve-wrecking day for me.. but all ended up very well and im so so happy that one path has been taken and im a step closer to my dream. got to see my soulmate just from afar without even having a single conversation is so not me. but patience is virtue! im in love and im hoping the best for our relationship. here's my very own 'my preciousssss' courtesy of Mr Boddah, my soulmate =)