Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the enigma

Life is full of surprises.. and challenges. everyone knows that. and there's always be problems along the way. Relationship always have its own ordeal. Mine for example, always have this kind of pattern. 1st you get a very smooth, lovey-dovey feeling (especially when you just got back from a date). you cant stop the smile on your face. its just there, it lingers.. then, by midweek, u start getting giddy, everything was not right, even the slightest remarks were misunderstood and there you have it - the dispute! Gosh! Flabbergasting! but, i've to admit, i caused it. My everdearest Mr Boddah has nothing to do with it. He was himself all the time. I on the other hand, was the jerk who felt that something was wrong somewhere while nothing was ever wrong. I think i know the reason for my jerkiness. As i mentioned earlier, the date was once every 2 weeks. the lovey-dovey feeling will last only for so long. then come the 'im here, do u ever realize that i exist?' period. then of course the 'forgive my stupidity and thanks for all the patience' phase, and the whole system start again in 2 weeks time.

But still, i should say im so lucky. Mr Boddah has never give-up. He'll stay right beside me, whether im the sweet girlfriend complete with the halo and wings; or the evil woman with bloody fangs and long piercing nail, he'll be there to forgive and forget and be the great boyfriend i never thought i'd have. i'll try to be a better girlfriend soulmate.. yeay, another resolution! (please refer to my previous entry on new year resolution).. November, we're coming! =)