Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the outdated wedding photo (again..)

my official wedding photographer ~Zulhelmi Taib~ has uploaded d wedding photo @his website. yippie!!

ok.. dat's all. ehehehe!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the google image tag..

ok, here's anothr tag i got while blog hopping..

Rules: Use Google Image to search the answers to the
questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer.

1) I am :
Google image search: Miss Boddah
~Frenz called me Boddah whn i ws in uni. then they changed i 2 'B' shorter 4boddah.~

2) I really want to g
o to :
Google image search : old trafford
~Yup, im dying 2go 2old trafford!~

3) My favourite pl
ace :
Google image search : Sabah
~i miss it! really m in love w sabah~

4) My favou
rite thing :
Google image search : MUFC
~anythg 2do w man u is my fav!~

5) My favourite
drink :
Google image search : air masak
~hehe.. not so keen 2drink othr than plain water~

6) My favourite food :

Google image search : secret recipe
~yup, anythg on d menu!~

7) My favourit
e colour :
Google image search : red

8) I was born in :

Google image search : kl
~doink! i wsnt born in KLCC itself, i ws born in KL..~

9) I live in :
Google image search : puchong
~doink again.. i dont live here (ioi mall), i live in puchong. cant they gv better pix 4 image search of puchong??~

10) My school/colle
ge :Google image search : assunta
~my alma mater; ad veritatem per caritatem.. ASSUNTA...~

11) My favourite story : Google image search : LOTR
~d best trilogy ever!~

12) My hobby :

Google image search : sleep
~seriously, i love 2 sleep!~

13) I want to be : Google image search : angelina jolie
~hehehe! i dont wanna b her s in b her, i used 2hv a dream, 2walk hand in hand w angelina jolie 4sum UNHCR mission..~

I tag every1 who has free time 2do dis!

the glorious days of 4S91614

i get super duper excited today.. n am still a lazy bum. dis weekend is gonna b a frenetic 1! 2 of my gud frenz r get'g married (dubbed s d ”wed’d of d yr” by my twin, Meme) Our history of b'g gud frenz dated way back in the jurassic yrs hi-skool; felt like it ws js ystrday. (aftr all im still 19! …In my dreams!) k, it all began in 1995, Meme n I were in dis ‘boarding’ skool in KL. Not ur typical boarding skool. We board thr in d sense dat we stay thr 2 sleep, go 2 tuition classes n stuffs – its jz a hostel. In dat hostel students went 2 6diff skools. Assunta, BBGS, CBN, CRS, Sri Aman n SAB.

Whn I ws in my form1, my roommates ws Meme, Iena, Irma (yes, d Irma Hasmie) n me (n sum othr pple of course. Bt my story today is abt 4S91614..) N we hv anothr close frenz, Oem who stays in anothr room bt d 4 of them (Meme, Iena, Irma n Oem) were frm d same skool. I m Meme’s twin, so we were practically 2gether eventhough we r not joined in d hip like a siamese twin. So, d 5 of us were close knit fren. We went 2bowling classes together n Iena, Meme n me enrolled in a traditional dance class @d hostel. @times, we spent our weekends in Genting cz Iena’s parents works thr. We used 2get free rooms 2stay n spent our money 4all d rides thr n stuffs. Once we went n brought our bowling bowls w us. U knw d ride 2go up 2 Genting ws all winding road n we can hear our bowling balls hit in2 each othr in d trunks cz @dat time we don’t hv bowling bag. N we tested our bowling skills @d bowling alley thr in Genting. It ws awesome! We were not d senior’s fav for various reasons. Meme n me converse in English @times; ppl don’t like dat, so we were sumwht banned cz we were so ‘snob’ n speaks English. In d morning during sum PE session @d hostel, d seniors will call their most wanted list juniors (those they hated most) n Meme n my name ws alwiz on d list. N also sum othr names (Einayanti, Rozie, Rezan). They’ll shout our names @ d field n ‘invites’ us 2play ‘chapping’. It’s a game whr they use a tennis ball n throw @ppl, n whn sum1 got ‘chapped’ they r considered lost. So, these seniors will chapped each n every1 of us till d bell rings. If we were 2return n chap them, we will b called dat very night 2get sum ‘lecturing’.

Whn we were in form 2, we were told 2go 2an English Language camp. Not all of us went. Bt whn we were thr, we came close with anothr grp of gals who were thr all along @d hostel bt ws sum1 separated frm us (infact we were ‘enemies’ 4reasons I cldnt rmbr). N we became gud frens aftr d camp n then frm d 5 of us, we became 14 a.k.a d 4S91614. Frm various skools we were :

Assunta – Salina, me

BBGS – Meme, Iena, Oem, Irma, Oja

CBN – Rezan, Rozie, Einayanti

CRS – Nadia, Fara, Jackpoot

Sri Aman – Fuzzy

Pic 1 : Us, back then. ~ not gonna tell u whch 1's me ~ (Oem is missing frm dis pic)

Pic 2 : Us, recently. (Iena, Jackpoot n Oem - yet again - missing frm dis pic)

We were d devils! Seriously! We gave d principal of d hostel a very hard time since we were 2gether! Ponteng? Lompat pagar? U name it, we did it. We were notorious! It’s a wonder if our names were not heard b called 2 d principal’s ofc. Nx 2our hostel ws a boys’ hostel. Yes, they knw us. (aftr all, everytime thr’s an announcement made @our hostel, d whole area can hear it, of course they heard!). So, d 14 of us remain gud frenz till form 3 n sum left aftr PMR 2diff skools, bt we kept in contact till today. And of course, along d way, i met my best fren Nasha whn i ws in my Form 4. (myb i'll post a story of how Nasha n i became best frenz..)

Last time we had a gath was a month b4 my wedding. It ws a blast! Its alwiz like dat everytime we had our gath.. we will repeat d same stories n reminisce abt our hi-skool yrs bt we never get bored ovr it. Cz it made us who we r now. Ppl downgraded us so much whn we were in hi-skool cz we were naughty. But its marvellous 2c dat we r do’g great despite all d naughtiness in hi-skool.

So this weekend is gonna b Einayanti n Rezan’s wed’g. As @jz nw, almost all confirmed attendance n Im super duper excited 2meet thm again! Great! Great! Great! I’ll post d pix whn I hv them ready.

Monday, June 22, 2009

the monday blues..

i am officially d most lazy bum, couch potato ever evolved on earth! mondays r d worst day of d week. we ws so complacent n eager with d marvellous weekend; n suddenly d freaking monday comes n u jz wish it ws friday!! i hate monday! unless its my bday. bt my bday's gonna b on wednesday dis yr. so; i so freaking hate monday!

im 'ronaldo' today.. (when i say 'ronaldo' im refering to d stupid cristiano ronaldo who whines n threw tantrums whn he ws asked 2b substituted during d match.) i am a whiner today. so lazy dat i blog hop since morning, updated dis blog a cple of times (which is so not me) n tried to stay away from doing my work (without success). my ofcmate got worried dat i stayed @my table, eyes glued to my pc since morning. he tot im so hardworking, i shld walk a bit so i dont get backaches n he thinks im paid so little, i shld not b working so hard cz it aint worth it! ha - ha! neway, i blog hopped n found 1 describing on d writer's moving house experience. i tot i shld write abt mine s well..

i moved out frm my parents hse to a small aptmt (a.k.a d 'roof') not so far frm my ofc last may. soulmate n i went hse hunting starting frm d beginning of d year. tiring! since early april, whn we got d key 2d 'roof', we didnt hv time 2clean it cz we were bz w d wedding preparation. right aftr d wedding, while we were away on hnymn, i got a good samaritan (abg sapin) 2help with cleaning d 'roof'. so, whn we got back, we started shopping, buy ourselves d sultan mattress dat we've been eyeing 4 n our dinner table frm ikea (yes, we went ikea frenzy dat day.. but it ws worth buying!not s expensive s most ppl tot!), made n arrangement w a fren (jo) cz i need 2rent hs lorry. but he didnt hv d lorry available @day time, so we hd 2do it around 8pm. soulmate n i started packing, re-attached d bed, wardrobe n all our stuffs @my parents' hse. we didnt realize dat my mom planned 2tag along n help us 2move hse n she asked every1(my family) 2join s well.

@around 9pm, evrythng ws finally been loaded in d lorry, jo went on aftr reconfirmed d direction 2d 'roof'. we went abt half n hour later n ws stuck on d road cz of d traffic caused by d wesak parade thingy. (jz wht i need!). then d drama begins.. d 'roof' is on d fourth floor. thr ws only 1 elevator functioning! can u imagine carrying wardrobe, dressing table, refrigerator + washing machine (wedding pressie frm mom n dad. THANK YOU!!!!), n everythng on earth??? (ok, not dat i carried it. soulmate got his fair share of carrying n lifting d stuffs). then mom's entourage (d whole lovely family) arrived n they helped with d lifting n carrying. yana, my niece kept on saying to me; "ibu, napa kosong ni??" referring 2d state of nothingness in our 'roof'. im dumbfounded. (Actually, she kept on asking dumbfounding question to me. a day after my wedding, she asked me, "ibu, ibu kn dh kawen, mana baby ibu?". i repeat, a day after my wedding u guys.. ya ALLAH!! pls drop me a comment, lemme knw wht u think shld b d answer 2such question! cz i couldnt find my tongue aftr hearing her question!) we finished carrying our stuffs around 11.30pm. after everyone got home, (hugs n kisses here n thr) i felt a pang of grief cz thr n then my life is not going 2b d same ever again. we continued with installing our bed n wardrobe, bt soulmate wasnt a handyman whn he is sleepy (it ws reaching 1am), so we decided 2sleep on d newly bought sultan matress in d hall cz bedroom ws definitely not gonna b ready dat night. it took us another month before d 'roof' is somewht ready. now aftr more than a month, whn soulmate said 'home sweet home', refering to our 'roof' while we drove past it ystrday, i cldnt agree more. it may not be perfect, its far from it. thr's always somethg dat we need 2buy. but wht's important, its home 2us. dats whn i realize d phrase; home is whr d heart is. so true..

the whatever!

More surveys.. sumtimes we jz hv 2do it. cz its d best way 2 learn abt sum1 is thru surveys.. so, here's 1 2day. .

1.Would you marry for money?
no.. it cld be a turn off..

2.Could you live without a computer?
not really. in fact, its my job 2check my mail daily

3.If you could go back to a past, when would it be?
1997..pmr..sucked big time!

4. Do you drink enough water?
i think so, i bring a tumbler of plain water to work daily.

5.Do you wear shoes in the house or take them off?
off, but i put on a clean slipper so i dont hv 2step on d cold marbled floor.

6.What are your favorite fruits?
apple, guava, pineapple

7.What is your favorite place to visit?
whrever d beach is, let me knw. but im in love w sabah..

8.Do you dream in color or black and white?
dis is interesting.. im not sure. i want it 2b in color version if i cld choose. if its daydreaming, its always colored.

9.Why do you take surveys?
2get 2knw ppl n so ppl cn get 2knw me

10.Do you drink alcohol?

11.What is the most beautiful language?
i miss spanish language, dats 4sure.

12.Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most?
never made up my mind on dis. i love em both

13.Do you want to live to be 100?
if my loved ones r still around n healthy, yes

14.Is a flat stomach important to you?
not so, mine isnt either! but 6pax is alwiz a bonus! bigtime! hehe!

15.Are you tolerant of other people's beliefs?
yes, of course. they'll find d light sometime

16.When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off?
off. better.

17.Do you believe in magic?

18.Do you think you can draw well?
if u count stick figured shape a drawing; then yes, i can draw well.

19.Do you like to watch cartoons?
yes! its d kid in me. hehe

20.At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn't real?
since birth?

21.Do you write poetry?
used to. hehe sleep more on your back, front, or sides?

23.Would you rather have a poodle or a rottweiler?
none of d above

24.Are you basically a happy person?
yes, a happy person is me.

25.Are you tired?
yes. tired of d noisy and nosy PA who's loitering in dis ofc bcz her boss is not around. will she jz shut up?!

26.Did you drink anything with caffeine in it today?

27.Have you ever met any one off the internet?

28.How many phones do you have in your house?
if hp counts, 2.

29.Do you get along with your parents?

30.If you're gonna talk to someone today, who would it be? and why?
soulmate cz he understands

the confession

b4 i begin 2blabber abt my 'confession'; my wedding pic (soulmate's reception) is ready. but 2day im feeling 'chatty'. thrfore, d photos can wait.

k, i think i lost my touch. yupsy.. lost it. wait.. hello??? wht dya hv in mind? i meant abt my work, @d ofc! im just x me anymore. since d month long wedding 'vacation'. i got back 2d ofc n i went blur on wht i shld b do'g. i ws a minimum level perfectionist. *** d history of being perfectionist goes back frm my dad who's very meticulate abt almost everythg. he files everythg, he counts every penny i owe him (yes, he oversees my credit card bill n took note of my spending ~yup, d last time i checked, im still a 4 yr old 2him, bt thank GOD 4dat!~) he changes his clothes ever so often cz he jz dont like crumpled or a drop of sweat on his shirt (i think). Even whn he took a nap 4 jz 5mins, he'l categorise shirt he wore whn he took his nap (which he changed in2 purposely 4his nap time) as 'ready 4 laundry'. he never accepts other than A 4our exam results (not dat i obey). he alwiz corrects us; n if we were to drive, he's even worse than d JPJ , shouting @us "gv ur signal!"; if d car's been washed, nobody's suppose to use it; even if u need to reach sahara, thye shall walk ur way thr! yours truly, on d other hand, r so used 2 d torment, dat i m also becoming like him. ****

whn i ws sitting nx to K.Ina (my officemate) i make sure my desk was properly organised. b4 i get back home, i'll jot down wht im suppose 2do d next morning so i wont overlook it. thrfore, d nx morning, i jz refer 2my notes n continue my 'leftover' works. but then i went 4a month long holiday 4my wedding. on my last day @d ofc, i stayed back late. trying 2finish everything n jot down d lists of tasks dat k. Zeehan (who's taking over my job 4a month) ws supposed 2do while im away. n i managed 2move 2another plc @d ofc (ive been instructed since last year 2shift 2a cubicle nearby my boss' room so he could 'monitor' me. n ive been delaying it bcz i ws so busy; but @d same time i shifted stuffs 2d 'new' ofc bits by bits. thrfore my files r here n thr. since i ws going 2hv a long leave, i shifted everythg on d last day so K. Zeehan dont need 2run frm 1wing 2another 2locate d files). so whn i got back @d ofc last month, piles of works r waiting 4me. n w d new ofc environment, it ws way too awkward 4me, s if its my 1st day working! ive jz lost touch. I didnt knw whr 2start, so i did d 1st thing i cld which is filing! seriusly, way too many things to file. dat ws only a month leave! it got me thinking, "no more long holidays". n 2take over d job frm sum1 else (d job which is technically mine), its jz confusing! (nw i knw hw k. Zeehan ws feeling whn she took over my job.) i used to hv a white board @d old ofc, its my planner. i jot down everythng thr, any reminders, upcoming events, stuffs.. n i didnt take it along w me whn i moved plc, so every now n then i get confused w all d dates n events. in short - im getting crazy!

ok, 4get abt work 4a while. last weekend i went back 2my parents'. my mom called telling me i shld get back n pick up all my letters. n thr's 1 she hs already opened. d 1 calling me 2go 4anothr so-called-govt 'interview'. 2b honest, ive already given up, its my 3rd time tryg. if they didnt want me, its their loss! furthermore, its on d day whr i hv other thgs planned. thrfore, soulmate advised me 2call them n change d date (im waiting 4 their response). we stayed overnight n d nx morning (saturday) went pressie hunting 4Dikna, soulmate's cousin *technically, my cousin too*. I think its d 1st time we went 2mv aftr our wedding. so weird, considering its our dating spot! hehe! we went frm 1end 2d othr 4a cple of times cz i ws a bit picky on d pressie. (poor soulmate, he hd 2endure my fussy-ness!). finally we got wht we want n head back home.

ystrday aftr we had our lunch, we went 2d bday party n clebrated Dikna's bday. it made me realize its been a while since i last clebrated my bday w a cake. d last time i had 1 ws whn i ws in d uni. i hv a bunch of frens n we love 2arrange surprise bday clbration. its my turn in 2005. i ws 17 (in my dreams!) n i ws drenched frm top 2 toe @12am while talking on d phone w soulmate (who called to wish me happy bday) it ws chaotic! initially i ws so angry cz they almost drowned my hp n they were disturbing my conversation w soulmate, bt then they handed me d candle-lit-burning cake, n i 4gave them! it ws fun nonetheless! then, 3years without bday cake.last yr my twin n i even openly hinting evry1 dat we wanted a cake bcz our bday ws on d last day of puasa, yet nobody bother. so, i dont expect 1 dis yr.

ok, back 2reality.. tonnes of workloads r waiting. im lazy.. seriusly am so freaking lazy..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the A - Z

Right.. dis is another tag. frm Nad. Jz do wht u need 2do..

1) Do you love this person?
Love him all my heart!

2) Is this person your enemy?

nope, on d contrary! my soulmate!

3) Is this person taller than you?

yes, every1's taller than me!

B. Becks (well its d first name dat crosses my mind)

1) What do you really think of this person?


2) What’s their favourite colour?
i dont know!

3) Ever danced with them?


C. Consuelo Montoya Cardenas
1) Do you like this person?

Love her!

2) Where did you meet this person?

In sabah, she thought me spanish language

3) How old are they?

Owh gosh.. i dont know. she was 50+ when i was in uni

D. D (an)
1) How long have you known him/her?

beginning 2004

2) Biggest regret?

no regrets

E. Einayanti

1) Have you met their parents?

yup, during hi skool

2) Worst thing about this person?

none i could think of

3) Best thing about this person?

dat she's one of my gud fren

F. Fae

1) Have you ever dated this person?

im not lesbian!

2) When is the next time you will see him/her?

supposely in near future.

3) Do you go to school with them?
uni - yes

G. Giggsy - zz

1) Are they a good listener?

yeah i guess

2) Have you ever lied to this person?

dont think i ever had d chance to do so

3) Is this person nice?


H. (k) Hajar

1) What year are they in?

Huh? dont understand d q

2) Is he/she your best friend?

great colleague

3) Ever done something illegal with this person?

Ekekekeke! yes!!!

I. (k)Ina

1) What is this person’s favourite food?

sh*t! i dont know!

2) How did you meet this person?

she's my officemate

3) Do you trust them?

J. jo

1) Do they have any siblings?


2) Do u know their favourite song?


3) What would you do if they confessed they liked you?

erm.. dont think dat'll ever happen

K. kecik

1) How old were you when you first met?

early 20's

2) How did you meet?

went to same uni

3) Ever danced with this person?


L. linda
1) What would you do if you had never met this person?

i dont know. i can still live, obviously!

2) Do you like him/her?


3) Would you go to Disney World with this person?

i think so yes

M. Meme

1) Is this person quiet or loud?


2) Name a friend that both of you are close too?

Meed - her bestfren

3) What color eyes does this person have?

Brown, jz like me

N. Nasaratul Amdat Damanhuri a.k.a Nasha

1) Is this person your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Im not lesbian! she's my best fren

2) Have you seen this person cry?


3) Do you know this person’s middle name?


O. Odin

1) Are you related?


2) Could you live with this person?


3) Do you believe this person is gay?


P. Patchanee

1) Have you ever been to the mall with this person


2) How about a sleepover with them?


3) Does this person have a job?


R. Rock

1) Have you heard this person sing?


2) Do you think this person will repost this?


3) What's one thing you would change about this person?

nothing. he jz hv 2b himself, d way he is rite now

S. Shy

1) Is this person taller than you?

YES! as i said earlier, every1's taller than me!

2) Do you enjoy spending time with him/her?

Yes. Miss her tonnes!

3) Do they live close to you?
Not really

T. tengku

1) Would you do anything for him/her?


2) Have you been to his/her house?


3) Is this person a dipshit?


U. ust. din

1) Does this person wear make-up?


2) Does this person play any instruments?

not sure

3) What is her/him favourite sport?

race i guess. he drives like a pro

V.Vee (Is)

1) Do you see this person alot?


2) When did you meet her/him?


3) Is this person your friend?


W. Wahid

1) Is this person older than you?

i think so

2) Is this person single?


3) Do you speak regularly with this person?

not anymore


1) Why are you friends with him/her?

2) Have you ever gone anywhere with them?

3) What is one thing you would change about them?

Y. yann

1) Is this person in a relationship?


2) Do you know where she/he lives?


3) What colour hair does this person have?


Z. Z

1) Does this person have MSN/AIM?


2) Ever gone shopping with him/her?


3) Does this person have any special skill?

she dances and she plays good futball. hehe.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the sample photos - misc II

yes, thr's more today.. here they are :

Pic 1 : d backbones of d event getting bz; Meed (pink tudung); my elder sis, Awien n my twin, Meme. Far @ d back, in front of d mirror (alwiz conscious abt her looks) is my younger sis, Agirl

Pic 2 : them again, getting busy; with help frm others.

Pic 3 : Frm him to me

Pic 4 :My bridesmaid, Z; in action, n Meed ushering d flowergirls

Pic 5 : With k.Ina n daughters + Amy

Pic 6 : with Ayue n Fae

Ok, done with photos 4dceremony @my parents' hse. No more. Next photos'll be 4d ceremony @soulmate's plc. (dat is whn i get d cd). >.<

Monday, June 8, 2009

the sample photos - misc

here r some more photos.. my wedding theme was maroon & cream. did my own hantaran - my mom did d alas dulang, i did my share 4d deco n got some help 4some of it.

Pic 1 : d fruits

Pic 2 : Sireh by Kak Faiz (Astana Izayu)

Pic 3 : Potpourri by my sis, Awien

Pic 4 : d chocs

Pic 5 : Wallet / belt set

Pic 6 : Watch

Pic 7 : Shoes

Pic 8 : Parfum

Pic 9 : Cake by Blooming Cakes

Pic 10 : Shirt + Pants

Pic 11 : Quran

Pic 12 : Pahar, courtesy of my twin

Pic 13 : Goody by Restu Rezeki Ent

Pic 14 : Cuppies - frm my cousin

the sample photos - the wedding reception

everytime i went 2a wedding, i used 2wonder wht's d feeling of being a bride? whn d bride's make up doesn't complement her (in my eyes), i alwiz wonder whether d bride realizes it? didnt she even say anything 2 her makeup artist/mak andam, try 2fix her make up or anything @all? n thr r lots of othr stuffs dat i kept on thinking (pertaining 2 d bride) n i jz wonder hw will it b during my very own wedding.

then my time finally came last april
(n last month during another reception 4 soulmate's family) n it ws all answered. im not sure i cn describe it. bt whn ur time comes, u will sure feel 1thing ~ u felt like u r d most beautiful bride in d whole world (even whn u'r not) ~ cz every1 kept on telling u so (even whn u'r not, cz myb they were jz being nice). more 2dat, i ws so shy 2look in2 soulmate's eyes bcz i ws wearing so much make up (i constantly thought dat soulmate will laugh everytime he looks @me cz i look like a drag w over excessive make up!) n d dress, gosh! d layers of dresses, @times u hv 2 remind urself again n again dat 'no, im sure im not in a baking oven!' but i felt happy, content in fact. ok enuff said. im certain now dat im not good @hw 2express myself in words. so, here's some of d photos during d reception. enjoy!

Pic 1 : Getting ready

Pic 2 : D wedding band n bracelet

Pic 3 : d cute flower girls

Pic 4 : yours truly striking a pose

Pic 5 : Another pose

Pic 6 : Soulmate's arrival

Pic 7 : walking hand in hand

Pic 8 : My family

Pic 9 : My new family

Pic 10 : trying hard not to wallop d cuppies

Pic 11 : Happy faces bcz of d food!

Pic 12 : with Nasha, children & entourage

Pic 13 : Happy faces again

Pic 14 : (l - r) ina; fara; d bride; eina; rezan; meme