Saturday, July 28, 2007

the entrance

rite, i finally made up my mind and did the thing i really thought i shouldn't be doing.
i made my mind on: creating dis blog
thing i shouldnt be doing: creating dis blog
y do i came up with dis? ok, last week i went for a job interview (im graduating dis sept, unemployed and searching for a decent job-i'll post something on dis topic some time) after barely made it look so well even after my crappy 4 languages answers, one of the four interviewers asked me,
I/viewer : how's ur IT?
Me : i can assure you its good
I/viewer : u good with internet?
Me : yes, no prob with dat.
I/viewer : U do internet search?
Me : Yes, 6 years in the uni, and using the web since my high school years, I am quite familiar with internet search.
I/viewer : ok, do u have email, cz if u do, dat means u do go online
Me : Yes, i do, several of them and infact i sent my application here through email.
I/viewer: do you have blog?
Me : No, i dont have blog.. (Sh*t!)
there you go! well, i wondered though, r u being rated as IT savvy only if u owned one? blogs i mean.. n if u didnt? i thought IT savvy should b on IT stuffs, like ur computer literacy, programmes or software u r familiar with. but blogs? anyway, dat explains y i made my mind on dis.
now, on why i thought i shouldnt b doing dis.. ok, i did create my own blog a few years back, but i didnt commit to it. n dats always d reason y i dont wanna have a blog. but after much thought, who cares if i didnt commit to it? if i wanna rite, i'll rite, if i cant, i just leave it as dat. n its up to me anyway.. in fact what ever im posting revolves around me. i think d only person who'd like to know my whereabouts would be my boyfren (my lovely 'mr boddah'). so, i came to d conclusion, just have one. if in a few months i wont be posting anything anymore, than so be it. but for d time being, since iv got nothing 2do other than wait for the results of my interviews, i'll be posting some boring stuffs here.. its d entry of my life's twisted tales..