Saturday, February 9, 2008

the incredibly sweet

How true when people said that u shldn't hate a person 100%. I wasn't hating, i was just hoping to get some space for a while. yet, he was insistent, very much determined and constantly pursuing without a glimpse sign of giving up - (THANK GOD!) - So, at last, i was the one who yielded to his sweet effort and i've been in love ever since. That's my Mr Boddah, a person who's changed my world, since the very 1st day we were 'US' =)

this month is going to be our 3rd year together. I have to admit that we are still crazily head over heels of each other till today. How lucky i am. A few days back we met
(our routine dating ritual is once every fortnight. haha!) after a long talk, (i love having conversation with him cz we seldom meet) i finally realize one thing.. Not that i didn't notice it before, but at that time, it was right in front of my eyes. My everdearest Mr Boddah is a very, very, very understanding, tolerant man i've ever met.. (and his mine! yeay!!) cz i know nobody who could ever tolerate my topsy-turvy tempered nature (especially during that time of the month). but he does! my guy! my beloved Mr Boddah! He is definitely 'THE ONE'.