Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the mundane blabber..

Life has actually been pretty good for me.. that's what the doa selamat was for. I got every comments about me getting married n that sort of stuffs once i gave the invitation; even when ive told everyone its just a doa selamat. nope.. not yet. at least not now (it takes two, remember?).

btw, as i said, life has been great. 2007 has been a very good and prosperous year. Since early this year, i was showered with a lot of blessings. It was never mediocre endowments, it was alwiz something distinctively better
(at least from my point of view... i think from others' as well =p ). i cant help but to feel proud of myself. and thankful dat i have all the love and support ive ever needed from everyone that matters to me most (parents and d ever dearest love of my life.. and a great mentor as well). i had the greatest motivation, driven with passion of making the best and be the best. i believe im destined to be one. i was kiasu in its own meaning. and i still am.. i had this principle * don't bother with what's after A-, just strive for an A, never lower * its a strange feeling when people know u and when they think highly of u. even weirder becoz uv never been one of that circle before; coz u were the one that alwiz did the gawking. trust me, its very, very, very weird.

even better, i climbed Mount Kinabalu mid this year. Who would've tot i had the nerve to do it? i even tot i couldn't make it. It was a tiring journey. but it was worth every effort.
(just like my 3 years of studying for a degree) the view, the feeling, the triumph! now, everytime i felt like i cant do something, i'd think of my mount kinabalu experience, and its the greatest drive for me to move and do everything, coz i know i can.

and i got a job.
(yes, the 4 languages interview job). i had other job in mind. even my boss know that coz i told them (he and other interviewers) during the interview that ive registered for some other job before i even applied for my current post. n now, after going-to-be-5 months working here, i enjoyed it. a lot. becoz its so me. hahah..

n then there was my graduation.. the bittersweet graduation. another great prize for this year. and such a memorable day. the best ever!
(i wish amir was there coz it'll be even better.. the 'bestest') nothing can top that. (my wedding day will be an exception) hehehe.. n owh yes, i turn quarter of century this year. but i dont look like one, so im happy. hahah!

its already december. reminiscing the whole year for 2007 definitely brought a smile to my face. its definitely unforgettable..