Thursday, May 28, 2009

the 'just 2 things' question


Two names you are called that are not your real name:
1. Boddah
2. B

Two things you're wearing now:
1. Lingerie
2. My baju kurung

What are 2 of your favorite things to do?
1. Watch man u's matches
2. chat and laugh at hubby's jokes (we have limited time to spend together cz he works at night, and returns home when i am already at the office. hubby's always a good listener)

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. 1 million dollar - 500k to keep, 500k to spend. hehe!
2. courage to face my deepest, secret fear.. hehe!

Two of the people who will fill this out and return:
1. i seriously dont know. mybe einayanti!
2. anyone who reads my blog (is there anyone?)

Two things you did yesterday:
1. watched d match where man u lost to barca.. *sniff!*
2. met hubby after spending my night away from home because of some event at Hilton PJ the night before yesterday

Two things you ate yesterday:
1. Nasi lemak sambal power!! my fav!
2. roti canai garing syed bistro

Two people you last talked to:
1. Hubby by phone
2. Awin by phone

Two things you are doing tomorrow:
1. Go to man u merchandise store in shah alam
2. have breakfast w hubby!!

Two favorite holidays:
1. raya
2. long holiday where i can go stay somewhere near the sea.

Two favorite drinks: (non-alcoholic)
1. air suam
2. teh tarik to go with roti canai - best combination ever!

the defeat

yes, yes.. man utd lost the champs league final. i know, i know.. why do i need to be reminded of it? everyone at the office kept on mentioning it. i mean, u think i didnt watch it? i did, okay.. so, why the constant reminder? i need to recuperate. seriously.. i need to sneak under my bed and lay there for a year or so. just let me be!

it wasnt our best performance. here are some of my opinion about the match last nite and some insights on other matters pertaining to the match:

a) the shirt
yupsy, a bit superstitious.. but white shirt isnt our winning shirt. RED is always our lucky shirt. its the symbol of fire, passion, strength. after all, we are RED devils. so, when i read that we were to be away team in rome, i got really pissed off. and nervous obviously.. i need to see red devils in red. and i read about vdsar saves more goals when he wears green. last nite, yellow shirt - 1st goal he missed was at the 10th minute. bite me!

b) striker
ronaldo as striker? u must be joking.. not in this match. he should stay as winger (but of course, puyol is there, but who cares!). maybe let giggsy and roo play up front. cz when ronny plays striker, he gets way too excited, he becomes a selfish brat who wants to steal the limelight! when u cant score, pass the ball. what part of it cant he understand?

c) midfield
okay, this is the worst midfield form ever. nothing that i can say about them cz they totally s*ck! seriously, the defenders were having hard time to clear the ball, the midfielders wasnt supporting enough. period.

d) back
i think rio wasnt in his top form. yes he missed last week's match to make sure he will be fit enough for last nite's match, but he didnt seem fit. he wasnt running and moving as he always does. but there was one moment when he flicked skillfully to clear the ball. that was awesome!

e) passing
was there any good pass? i think i can count them.

okay, im a bit emotional right now. i dont hate man utd. i hate that they didnt win. after all, barca is not a team that we are worried of. they were just lucky that last nite man utd wasnt doing well because seriously, i dont think we played our best. some people in the office are telling me to shift to barca. are they crazy? im not stupid. not lalang either. im a man utd fan through and through! no matter if they win or not! i have high hopes for man utd to win last nite but we didnt. one of my officemate said, when man utd is playing well, u can actually see from roo's face - he went all shiny and smiling all the way. but when the team is not doing well, roo gets abusive at times and his face is full of contempt or something. that's so true! cz he really cant hide his feelings on the field.

anyway, its our best opportunity to actually win quintuple this season. but luck was not on our side. treble again this season. i dont know when in future will we be able to get so close to winning quintuple ever again. after fergie, im not sure we can do what we are doing now. but who knows? im just so used to fergie, anyone replacing him has to win my heart by winning more cups! just like what hubby said, 1 will not be sufficient!

all in all, kudos to barca. and i still love man utd no matter what! july 18th, i cant wait!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the wedding photos

its been a while since i last wrote. ive been away from this radar way, way too long. for the total of more than a month of my 'disappearance' there r so many changes happening to my life. but first, i've to apologize because in the last post, i promised to put up my car's man u kit photo. i stil dont have it (d photo i mean). but will put it sometime soon. so, yes, im married. married life, not to be discussed here (yet!). but its way more content than what i expected. ~ of course, cz i clinched the best hubby in d world! hehe! ~ anyway, i cant write that much today. i took a month leave for the wedding, got back and loads of works are waiting on my desk! so, im putting some of the pics on my wedding day here. but these are courtesy of a friend, Abg Pesal. the ones from my official photographer, Zulhelmi Taib, are all smacked with the word 'sample' on the photos (its copyrighted obviously!), i cant put it here. Here are some sneak peaks :

Pic 1 : Me getting out from my best friend's (Nasha) car after nikah

Pic 2 : Me waiting for Mr Hubby

Pic 3 : The bedroom

Pic 4 : The hennaed feets by Dayu Design

Pic 5 : Me and Norlin

Pic 6 : Me looking old >.<

k, dats it for right now. i'll post some more sometime when i have more. hehe!