Friday, April 3, 2009

the 'roof'!!!

im going super duper excited! our ‘roof’ is ready for us to step into! ~ And then the image of IKEA furnitures appear right in front of my eyes! ~ Wait! No wonder! It was a sign!! Dis morning, I received one million dollars an IKEA e-newsletter in my inbox. I even took my time to browse the page and wrote down each must buy item before I started to get busy with my office work. And suddenly, soulmate texted me to let me know dat d ‘roof’ is ready! How great was dat? I somehow got a premonition! (yeah right!, it doesn’t come close to it one bit!) so tomorrow, soulmate and I are going to check out d ‘roof’ and get d keys to our small-yet cosy-cabbage-cottage-like place to stay! YEAY!!

Now, now.. IKEA’s bedroom week.. so what dya think? Purr-fect timing aint it? When u need to move into a new hse, it’s the bedroom week promo! We went to IKEA last weekend. (it wasnt promo time yet last weekend) Got to try some of the mattresses. Actually, it was purely accidental. I wasn’t trying to find a mattress for us. We were walking about and after much ‘goo goo ga ga’-ing on d marvellous sofas that we are buying, and then, magically d mattress ‘found’ me! I felt like sitting on the gorgeous looking day bed on display, and SULTAN Heberg was so comfy, fluffy, and marvellously made for me and soulmate! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we looked at d price of d queen size mattress! Our eyes must have been popping out like some pop corn or something! Its so worth buying!!! And therefore, we made a pact dat IKEA SULTAN Heberg will be on top of our must buy list! Owh gosh.. now im reminiscing about d meatballs dat soulmate had for lunch. Gosh! Dat was H.E.A.V.E.N! I think im craving for one plate! Shoot!

Ok, off d thought of juicy meatballs with nice saucy gravy.. YUMMY! Focus! Ok.. today im going to buy myself a set of MAN U car seat cover! Yippie! Hopefully d shop owner don’t just chuck it to some inconsiderate people who don’t know whats its worth! I DO! d shop owner called me last Friday. (I left her my business card d last time I went cz I need d new stock of d car seat cover whn its ready). So I promised her dat I’ll see her next Friday (TODAY!) and she must get 3 sets of it ready for me and my frenz. So, im going over thr today and cross my fingers, I’ll be putting d photo of my brand new car seat cover on d next post! ~ the thought of the yummy meatballs flashbacks ~ stop! Focus! Ok.. I better go move around a bit.. I need to clear my thoughts from food.. and IKEA.. NO! not IKEA.. I mean, from food..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the agitation

OMG! its A.P.R.I.L.. its april! its like april everyone! did i mention that its april??? u knw what does it mean dont u? (im talking to myself actually!) it means D.O.A, im suppose to be ready for the day! its not like there's still a month to go.. its a few weeks more to go! im so so so stressed out! forget all the mental check list. its still there. the list is still there, no progress! i did posted my invitation card, yet no one has received it. (cz no one said anything about receiving it!) it must be the stamp or something! seriously, some one should just shoot me already!

but we've found a roof for soulmate and me to stay shelter in after our wedding. yippie! at least we're not going to live on the street! but yup, more money pouring out for dat.. i'll have to redo my budget. cz ikea is so damn hard to resist! why lar it has to be in msia? right in front of our nose some more? dats why we cant just ignore it!