Wednesday, May 29, 2013

d wordless wednesday




Thursday, May 23, 2013

d comeback

comeback la sgt kn! i am a terrible blogger (ble kategori kan diri sbg blogger ke lg?) its been more than a year.. and within dat time, a lot of things happened.. my last ranting was abt an opportunity i had, but i decided 2let go. n ive grown (wiser and bigger in size!)

i am still d same old me. doing d same old thing at work bt a different challenge @home. pls welcome d latest edition of my family, d ‘amanah’ dat ALLAH as bestowed on me n soulmate :


Jibrayl B Azmir (a.k.a ‘ketul’).

Different experience with him. Cz dis time arnd im trying my luck to breastfeed him. doing great now.. alhamdulillah, its been 4months. n insyaALLAH, will try 2do so for as long as we both hv our rezeki. tiring, most of d time i zombie-d to office, bt worth d sweat. n no, i didnt manage 2get pre-pregnancy figure (not dat i tried anyway), but all for ketul, i dont care if i gained 10kgs! (weird, not enuff sleep, yet, berat xde pn turun? come to think of it, d rate of eating im going, macam bela saka.. apa jadah nk turun berat kn?)

2nd pregnancy was a bit different, lebih ok sket dr 1st pregnancy in terms of morning sickness. still ada mabuk tu, but bearable. n giving birth was also easier alhamdulillah. super easier. maybe bcz 2nd time, we at least knw wht 2expect (bt i really didnt expect 2go 2d hospital n was told ive already diluted 8cm!). i shld write abt it sometime. so in d future my kids can read n nw wht ive gone thru 2bring them 2dis world.. ok la.. cant write much.. need 2focus on my pumping (yep, multi-tasking, thanks to medela freestyle!).. ok bye!