Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the countdown!!

OMG! OMG! OMG! its a month to go before d wedding. My wedding! Gosh! What have i been doing all dis while? cz i m most definitely have not settled with all d arrangements! i knew i shldnt count on my freaking mental checklist! cz i might left out sumthing.. so, what i shld be doing according to my list are :

1) find myself a videographer (note : Mr Boddah said he'll help. But its been a while now.. i dont see progress yet. n my mom has gone super duper crazy, reminding me on it like every second! well, not every second. but u knw wht i mean.. )

2) find frosting cake for the hantaran! (note : ok, dis is new. My BFF ~ nasha ~ wanted to give a new wedding pressie, which she's kept mum abt. so, ive to find myself frosting cake, which i dont knw whr!!!! panic!!!!)

3) send out d invitation (note : still in progress.. today i'll start handing out for my officemate, and hope to post some by d end of dis week!)

4) finish out my hantaran (note : i was d one who stupidly wanted to do it all by my own. i havent even done a single deco! but i knw i can. and i will!)

wht else eh? im sure im about to left out sumthing! shoot me!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the hot air balloon festival!

I went to see the hot air balloon festival last weekend (i was so close of going back to sleep cz its too early to go somewhere on sunday morning!) we had to catch the festival by 8am. i was driving like a madman from rawang to putrajaya, tagging along were my twin, meed, agirl, adib and yana (i was actually d one who tagged along!). we met abg pesal ~ our photographer for d day ~ sumwhr near putrajaya and reached just in time to watch it. it was so cool! i got sum of d photos dat our photographer took. gorgeous!! but i'll put sum more when i get it!

Pic 1 : yours truly is 'holding' d nescafe mug balloon.. neat, eh?

Pic 2 : posing from left to right ; me, meed, yana, adib, my twin and agirl

Pic 3 : all of us with d 'pilot' of d nescafe mug balloon on d right and Mr Azmi on d left

Pic 4 : balloons!!

Pic 5 : my twin and d peacock balloon

Pic 6 : Jump bebeh! Woohhooo!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

the hunt!

yup.. im 'hunting'! wait, before i proceed, let me take this opportunity to wish some very important people in my life..

hepi birthday to my Mom, my Granny and my Grandpa!!

yes, today is their birthdays! impressive isnt it? that the mom, the dad and the daughter's birthday are all the same? my mom nearly created another 3 generations of birthday celebration cz my elder sis was suppose to also be born on 20th of march, but because of her stubbornness, she was safely delivered on the 21st of march instead. so yes, tomorrow's her birthday. therefore :

hepi be'early' birthday awin!

(as if they'll read my blog!)

ok, back to what i was writing, i am hunting, yes.. hunting for a place to stay lar.. im hunting for an apartment in puchong area for the both of us (me and Mr Boddah) so we dont have to live on the street after the wedding. hehehe! who would've thought that it'll be so difficult to find one? neway, im doing it again dis weekend, cross my fingers, hope i'll find it soon! ok, ran out of ideas and i need to eat. so, gtg!

Friday, March 13, 2009

the snapshot

here are some of the photos of the gathering i promised to upload..

Pic 1 (Left to right) : cik Pn Oja; Ms Einayanti a.k.a Mama Juwie; Ms Rezan a.k.a Huzz (holding my wedding card); Ms Nad ~d organiser~; Ms Fara; cik Pn Salina ~5months preggy~; Ms Irma Hasmie ~d actress, but is still a dear fren of ours~; adiekz ~my twin sis~; and yours truly!

Pic 2 : Ms Rozie getting her present from Adiekz during our exchange gift session

Pic 3 : Ms Eina giving out her present to Adiekz, and the rest of us posing for the camera

Pic 4 : Me receiving my present from Oja!

Pic 5 (from left to right): The 11 of us who came ~ Fuzzy with baby Hannah; Oja; Rozie (standing); Rezan (sitting, white dress); Eina (green shirt); Nad; Fara; Salina; Irma hasmie; Adiekz; Yana (pink shirt) and yours truly!

so, hopefully, d next time we meet, we could get all the 14 of 4S91614 together!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the hectic weekend

okie, this was wht happened last weekend:

1) i didnt get 2meet my boyfren
2) some relative's wedding
3) hot! hot! hot! gathering
4) met my bestest fren!

so, as 2why such thing happened and wht's d event like :

1) refer to d above
okie.. d thing is, last week, initially there was an announcement 2increase d stupid toll price. so, i told my hubby-2-be, lets stick 2our earlier dating rituals (once of every 2 weeks) 2save up for our marriage life.. he said yes. however, a few days later, new announcement was made, and turns out dat thr'll b no increase 4d time being. so, i blew my chance of meeting d man of my dream, love of my life, my sweet Mr Boddah.. i so miss him!
p/s - soulmate, dis week wajib jumpa ek?

2) refer to d above
i had 2go 2a relative's wedding. actually ive been craving 4nasi minyak. was hoping someone would b having a wedding before i have mine. unfortunately d only wedding i went 2was using d same caterer im using 4my wedding. so, i wasnt tasting a different nasi minyak lar.. i want nasi minyak!!

owh! excited! excited! excited! cz ive already booked my bedroom set! yeay! and it costs less than what we negotiated b4! hehe! last time i went with soulmate, it got a lil bit over our budget. and dat was on january. so when i went thr last saturday, i tot dat bed's sold. but thr it was! rite where we left it, looking so gorgeously waiting for me.. hehehe! and so i booked it and they'll arrange 2deliver it next month. so, mental checklist - bedroom set : checked!

3) refer to d above
d reunion was something i suggested 2our old time gang, 4S91614. its d coolest gang on earth! (before dat, i watched fulham vs man u, match ended around 3+am and man u won by 4 goals! great game!) nad who is in malacca actually had 2b d organizer (of all people, she who stays in malacca had 2do it 4us!) thr r 14 of us, d name of d group is actually of our initials (not dat im going 2entertain u with d details) of which, 4 is married - 3 with cute babies, one is preggy; 3 is getting married this year (maybe more) and all of us r doing very great indeed, considering d fact dat we were notoriously known as d bad ones =p neways, it marks d 10th years after our hi-skool days (whr we met), 11 of us showed up, 1 is listed MIA, 2 were unavailable because of work and it was a great get together. we exchanged gifts, i gave out my wedding invitation, we chatted, we laughed our hearts out and took pictures and all dat we could think of! i guess, d next time we meet, we shall have a longer day out, not just over lunch! i'll put up d pic when i have one. maybe tomorrow..

4) refer to d above
okie, i already promised my best fren - nasha - 2go 2her house on monday. but i went 2kl first, 2a wedding exhibition 2find me a videographer 4my wedding.. i didnt get it. oopsy! mental checklist - videographer : not yet!!! nvm, i'll find one soon.. so, i head 2nasha's house and finally got 2meet her baby, laila. cute! cute! cute! and its a warm welcome 2me. cz its been a while since i last met her family. thankfully enough they rmbr me so well, its gud 2know so! neway, i'll be seeing her again, b4 my wedding hopefully. cz i didnt get 2chat so much with her yesterday.

so, dat was my weekend. its a long weekend yet i didnt get 2rest. but i do realize, everytime thr's a long weekend, i didnt get 2rest neway. cz d longer d rest day, d more stuffs i had 2do, so rest day is officially 'do everything u can' day. even soulmate reminded me 2get some rest, but of course i didnt, not dat i dont want 2, i just cant. myb cz im not so much of a 'rest' person. im a 'do' person. hehe!

Friday, March 6, 2009

the maniac

wait.. please dont get me wrong, there's no maniac trying to harass me or anything.. im referring to myself actually. im not really a maniac. but when it comes to MANCHESTER UNITED, im leaning towards that category nowadays. not in total meaning, but i get very defensive when people are trying to say anything bad or downgrading man u. ok, most probably i am not the right person to talk about man u. but who cares, its a democratic world, its my blog anyways!

i cant remember when i first started to fall in love with man u. but it was for sure during my high skool years. (yeah, i wasnt an early starter. the premiership began on 1992/1993, but wasnt a fan by then) my eyes were on king eric at that time. his upright collar shirt trademark was already definitely intimidating if i were on the opposing team. hahah! the French talisman presence was so fundamentally important. and then he left.. of course, by then giggsy, keano and becks were already around. it was a great loss but i already have faith in giggsy. he was fast back then, occasionally the same now, but he still plays vital role in all the matches he's on. of course, you grow wiser and more experienced by the years, giggsy is the best example.

i remember my sister was so into becks. i dont like becks. from my point of view, he was completely overrated. every football advertisement will feature a glimpse of him, when u talked about football in those days, u know people will mentioned his name. which is which actually? becks is football or football is becks? either way, im not too keen on the prospect of him being the football icon / phenomena at that time. and what's up with people who thought that every single female who watches football must be admiring becks? like duhh!! i always got that impression before; when guys jumped to the conclusion that i must have like becks cz im into man u. no way jose! and that's the difference, some girls dont really watch football, they watch the player instead. and when that player left the team, they stop watching coz man of their dream has gone! its a pity. i guess they must have not realize that in football, its the team that wins, not individual victory. i got to meet the team when they came to KL. we got special free tickets to watch the training session (cz i was registered with man u official southeast asia supporters' club). it was cool. jaap stam was around back then, he is so tall! becks was still around, barthez. and i was excited to be able to see giggsy from afar. that was totally unbelievable!

i didnt get to watch so many games when i was in uni. especially when i was doing my degree. i only got to see a few matches. i had to negotiate with the cafe owner to let me watch the match on weekends. but most of the times he wont let me cz more people wanted to watch af. i had to go to kingfisher area at some mamak restaurant with some friends and halfway through the match, we got to speed back to the campus because of the curfew. hampeh isnt it? but this time around, i have easy excess to tv =) in fact i dont watch tv all that much. heroes and amazing race asia were the only tv series i'd watch. and the news bulletin. other than that, its football! or else, i'll be in bed by 9.30pm! weird huh?

anyway, i watched yesterday morning's match. the second half that is. (u see, i dont know why, but i dont dare to watch the first half in all the matches we played. coz i almost got a heart attack everytime i did! but i watched full time matches on weekends. and yes, i was so close to be admitted into ICU each time) it was an away match with 'kota bharu', hehehe! newcastle that is.. i thought we played well. good game, good team effort, i just wished that was the same team to play carling cup final with spurs the other day! (now that was a long game!) i even texted my adorable fiance, people must be crazy not to be a man u fan. i mean, at the rate we are going, who cares if we get quintuplet or sextuplet cups? we are the best club in the world, need i say more?? and of course charity shield should be counted as one of the cups! therefore we actually have won 3 cups, not 2! why do we need to first justify whether charity shield is considered as cup or not? we've won it, so it must have meant something! look at it this way, if chelsh*t won it and lost premiership this season, they might say, "its ok, at least we got charity shield". so why cant we glory with the fact we have won it? so, i will still consider us to have won 3 cups already, and 3 to go. case close! hehe!

the Carling, gosh! the Carling.. it was frustrating not being able to penetrate spurs. i say they were pretty good. and to be able to hold us right till extra time, that was superb. the juniors were a frustration actually. i totally understand that the gaffer wanted to give them a chance after their efforts in man u's journey to wembley. but, i was not expecting them to be in the 1st eleven and leaving out core players. maybe one or two will be sufficient. rooney was not even on the bench. i hate penalties. and to win by penalties was not something i expected with spurs. and the morning after the match was not 100% winning feeling. but nonetheless, we got the cup, so i have the liberty to gloat!

i have a dream.. to go to old trafford one day. its my daily weekday routine actually, to come to work and first thing in the morning to check my emails and at the same time log in to man u's website, download the latest wallpaper, read the news and finally go to the ticketing page, browsing the ticket price, the seating plan (gosh the seating plan! i could almost felt i was there at old trafford!), the hotel package and fantasize me booking my ticket to go there! i once told my twin about the package price and was actually deliberating on where to get the flight tickets (as if we really are going?!). but, i really hope that one day i'll step my foot there. at the theater of dreams.. my dream.. one day OT.. one day..